London: Nate Lowman and Hanna Liden ‘Cats and Dogs’ at Carlson Gallery through March 30, 2012

March 23rd, 2012

Installation view. All images via Carlson Gallery.

Nate Lowman and Hanna Liden collaborate once again at Carlson Gallery in London. Lowman demonstrates his process-as-art aesthetic, exhibiting a number of paintings originally used as drop-cloths on his studio floor, alongside Liden’s peculiar umbrella sculptures, creating an otherworldly installation pockmarked by subtle intrusions of the everyday.


The paintings serve to create another chapter in the art of self, referencing Lowman’s ever extending oeuvre, his creation of multiple works at the same time, and his own process serving to extend his output. On one painting, a handwritten note taped to the canvas reads: “britney, it was nice to see you again. sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk yoga this time. maybe give me a call sometime. ian” Other works exhibit large shapes of cut-out canvas, or silkscreen bulletholes, again referencing familiar forms from Lowman’s long range of work. His art exists on multiple planes, remaining tied conceptually to other works while standing in exhibition on its own.

Alongside these works, Liden’s umbrellas echo a strange juxtaposition of fantasy and banality. The black and orange pieces are stacked precariously, hung or implanted in cement; markers of space which viewers weave through as they view the paintings on the wall. Likened to props, they continually underline the space between real and fantasy, comedy and banality, that the installation so frequently addresses.

—D. Creahan

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