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April 26th, 2012

‬Collector and artist widow Corice Arman has filed a lawsuit against Louise Blouin Media Inc. for shattering a sculpture while setting up for a photoshoot, the 2,630-year-old Nigerian terracotta sculpture appraised post-accident at $300,000

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Sunday Mirror (London, England) November 6, 2011 Byline: VICTORIA McMAHON THE Irish Sunday Mirror got a taste of star treatment yesterday with access to the celebs’ inner sanctum at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

I was taken behind the scenes through the warren of winding corridors where MTV minions kept the wheels for the world’s biggest bash turning.

And as the super-talented Katy Perry was busy in rehearsals I got to make myself comfortable in her decadent dressing room.

As I relaxed in Mrs Brand’s chair I realised I was sitting where Katy Perry fans would give their right arm to be – and for a few minutes I savoured the life of a world-famous star. go to site medium length hair styles 2011

The I Kissed a Girl singer’s dressing room, like the other 32 hideaways of her fellow stars, is uniquely designed with her in mind.

MTV style teams had even added a plastic toy snake to her purple velvet sofa in case she’s missing her real-life pet snake Tom.

The contents of the luxurious goodie bag, including an X-Box Connect, were piled high on a table.

Her dressing room is truly like Santa has come early to deliver his sack of designer goodies.

A row of complimentary Replay clothes hang ready while a bejewelled necklace sits waiting on her Hollywood-styled lit dressing table for her to wear.

And if Katy gets thirsty there are plenty of expensive bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne waiting.

As the burly security guards signalled my time was up I reluctantly gave up my superstar haven for the superstar herself.

Taste of the high life THE ground-floor pop-up dining room and bar is where the music stars can refuel in style.

But ever mindful of the celebs strict regimes, caterers have packed the breakfast bar with gluten-free and healthy cereals and fresh fruit. For those not interested in brekkie, bottles of bubbly are on stand-by.

Yesterday, stars were offered beef and Guinness stew with thyme and sea salt puff pastry to give them some hearty local fare.

Chicken noodle soup, Teryaki salmon with spring onion, cucumber and ginger salsa were also on the extensive menu.

A chill-out section lets those who want to simply kick-back relax as they sip cocktails from the bar.

They can choose a cosmopolitan, georgia mint julep, caipiroska, or a whiskey sour, made from our very own Bushmills blend. And for those just out of rehab and trying to stay off the drink there is non-alcoholic fruit punch and mint cooler to quench their thirst as they stay sober in style. website medium length hair styles 2011

Best Bar none CATWALK beauties Bar Refaeli and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Russian fiancee Irina Shayk will jet in today to dazzle the carpet.

They will be wearing one-off dresses by awards sponsor Replay.

Replay designer Gigi Vezzola told us: “It is a new idea, we have brought jean and couture together.

“They will be wearing one-off pieces – special editions just for the red carpet.

“It will be concentrating on stones and the colour of denim. It will be mid-length and look like precious stones like sapphire, diamond.” On the PINK carpet THE artists will leave the sanctuary of their dressing rooms at around 7pm flanked by their bodyguards to hit the “red carpet” in front of the world’s media.

But because this is MTV and you are dealing with music superstars things are done a little differently.

The 64 metres of plush carpet, where the stars’ Louboutin shoes will tread, is actually an eye-catching fuschia pink.

To protect our visiting music VIPs from the harsh elements, the walk will be done under cover in a white tent packed with foreign media, photographers and camera men scrambling for prime position.

And 150 “screamer” fans have red-carpet access and will clamour for autographs and photos with their heroes.

Pamper & preen THE music stars are just like any other celeb – they love being pampered and preened.

And backstage every beauty need is catered for to ensure they look every inch the superstar.

Experts shipped in 1,000 bottles of dry shampoo Batiste to make sure a hair isn’t out of place.

Relaxing manicures using Butter London products are on offer as are revitalising facials and relaxing shoulders and neck massages. Beauty guru Jo Tutchener-Sharp said: “All the stars use dry shampoo so we have 1,000 bottles here to make sure we don’t run out.

“At the awards last year Kanye West was getting his shoulders massaged and he loved it so much he fell asleep.” And if you have ever wondered were you can get the flawless celeb complexion look no further than the high street for secret weapon Nanoblur skin cream.

Jo explained: “It’s a high definition product that blurs everything.

“It makes you look fabulous for under the lights of the red carpet.


Good as gold… Katy’s necklace awaits Palatial… Irish Mirror reporter Victoria McMahon inside Katy Perry’s room yesterday Stylish… pop-up dining room and bar for stars You beauty… Model Bar Refaeli will fly in today Ronaldo’s girl… Russian model Irina Shayk At the reddy… Victoria finds that red carpet is actually a shade of pink Products… Butter London and, below, Batiste Relaxed… Kanye West fell asleep last year getting a massage Me the glasse right Pe Menu, themed glasses and, right, Katy Perry