New York: N. Dash at Untitled through June 17, 2012

May 24th, 2012

N. Dash, installation view. All images via Untitled

The work of artist N. Dash often operates at a raw, wordless level: simple images and objects often devoid of any qualifying forms, save the materials. Perhaps fitting, then, that Dash’s first solo show, consisting of works of cloth, dirt, and other raw elements should be held at Untitled gallery in Manhattan. Focusing on dirt and its effects on cloth and other materials, Dash’s wall hangings walk the line between more conventional wall-hung pieces and works of sculpture. The texture and color of fabrics lie on a level playing field with the three-dimensional aspects of their arrangement and their spatial relationships to their surroundings.

N. Dash, Groundings (5) (2012)

In other pieces, abstract arrangements of color on canvas are then surrounded by fabrics, creating multi-tiered effects. The show also features a number of photographs of dirty, worn pieces of cotton, which were carried by Dash at all times. The constant fondling and manipulation of these pieces created the gnarled, dirty shapes that were then captured by Dash’s camera, finally enshrining them in a finished form.

N. Dash, Untitled (2012)

N. Dash, Groundings (1) (2012)

N. Dash, Groundings (2) (2012)

N. Dash, Groundings (6) (2012)

N. Dash, Groundings (4) (2012)

Installation view

N. Dash, Groundings (3) (2012)

N. Dash, Untitled (2012)

Installation view

N. Dash, Untitled (2012)

N. Dash, Groundings (8) (2012)

—D. Creahan

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