AO on site – Basel: The Solo Project at Art 43 Basel, 2012

June 17th, 2012

All photos by Caroline Claisse for Art Observed.

Another parallel event joining Basel this year is the-solo-project, presented by Paul Kusseneers Gallery in Antwerp.  This independent satellite fair features an international collection of galleries, carefully selected to showcase an in depth selection of work from the chosen artists.  This year, the-solo-project celebrates its fifth consecutive year and features a week-long, time coincident with Art Basel, exhibition titled ‘Solo Shows by Selected Galleries’.

Belgium based Alice showcases Antoine Bouillot’s “Little did they know”

Caroline Smulders – I LOVE MY JOB booth

Berlin Art Project presents Yasam Sasmazer

Other sculptures at the Caroline Smulders booth

Suzanne Tarasieve in Paris shows Julien Salaud’s “Bambi & les Danseurs Etoiles” (2012)

A Stefan Waibel installation from Galerie Peithner Lichtenfels

Stefan Waibel’s work continued

Work by Stanislas Lahuat from Kusseneers Gallery

Arthobler exhibits Romulo Celdran

Chinese artist Mao Yan’s work

Mao Yan from Art & Public Cabinet PH

Jeong Min Suh Gallery’s stand

Jakub Nepras artwork at Arthobler’s booth

Galerie Voss shows Harding Meyer

“The fair consciously resembles more a series of considered gallery type shows in well constructed spaces, giving exhibited works more ‘room to breathe’, the artists more room to make a clear presentation and the visitors an environment in which the works can be considered as a body of work rather than on the basis of individual pieces” (the-solo-project).

Grelo’s “Biography of a human being” from Bongiovanni Gallery

Galerie Michael Sturm’s booth

Representation of Galeria Eva Ruiz

Dr. Juilius booth

David LaChapelle‘s “Springtime” and “Wilting Gossip” from Patricia Low Contemporary

David LaChapelle as presented at Patricia Low’s booth

Hidde Van Seggelen Gallery exhibits Damian Taylor

Art & Cabinet booth

Another installation of Antoine Buillot

The-solo-project opened June 13 and runs through tomorrow, June 17.  It hosted at the cultural arena St. Jakobshalle near Basel.

–L. Marsova

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