London – Cy Twombly: “The Last Paintings” and “A Survey of Photographs” at Gagosian Gallery Through September 29th, 2012

September 25th, 2012

Cy Twombly – The Last Paintings (Exhibition View), Gagosian Gallery

In 2010, one year before his death, iconic American painter Cy Twombly completed a number of new works — primarily in green, red, orange and yellow — that would end up being the last pieces that he would complete in his lifetime.  These vivid works are now being exhibited at Gagosian Gallery in London, having made their way from Los Angeles to Hong Kong to their current location.

Cy Twombly – A Survey of Photographs 1954-2011 (Exhibition View), Gagosian Gallery

Filling each canvas with broad strokes and swirling colors, the later work offers a view into his early paintings as if through a magnifying glass. With their limited color palette and familiar formal line quality and composition, each work becomes part of the whole aesthetic perspective, offering a glimpse into Twombly’s process, bursting with creative vibrancy up until the time of his death.

Cy Twombly – The Last Paintings (Exhibition View), Gagosian Gallery

Alongside these paintings is a series of photographs, running the span of Twombly’s career, from earlier studio works to recent landscapes.  Capturing the artist’s photographic pursuits, the selection of sixty-six photographs presents an aspect of his artistic output which has only recently gained international attention.

Cy Twombly – St. Barth’s (2011), Gagosian Gallery

Taken as a whole, the two exhibitions present a striking view of the artist at the end of his life, continuing a thread of work in his own unique language.

Cy Twombly – A Survey of Photographs 1954-2011 (Exhibition View), Gagosian Gallery

—D. Creahan
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