Critic Jed Perl examines the cult of Warhol

November 25th, 2012

Andy Warhol Self-Portrait 1967 Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of ArtIn The New Republic, art critic Jed Perl discusses the cult of Warholism in context of the “Regarding Warhol” exhibition at the Met: “If we are all Warholians, then even our distaste for Warhol is a Warholian act… I would be perfectly happy never to see anything by Andy Warhol again”, he says, and asks: “Could it be that Warholism is by its very nature irreconcilable with discrimination? … Warholism as a faith ought by now to be in ruins, although you certainly wouldn’t know it from the prices that Warhols are reaching in the auction houses”.Read the article via The New Republic