Qatar Returns Statues to Greece Over Nudity Controversy

April 29th, 2013

Statue Returned to Greece, via The GuardianA set of classical Greek statues have been returned to the Greek state from Qatar, after a recent disagreement between Greek and Qatari officials.  While visiting the Middle Eastern nation, Greek Cultural Minister Costas Tzavaras noticed that the nude statues had been covered to avoid offending visiting females.  Refusing to uncover the statues, the Qatari government opted to return them to Greece. “In a society where there are certain laws and traditions authorities felt women would be scandalised by seeing such things, even on statues,” added an official present at the event. “The minister, of course, said while he totally respected local customs he couldn’t accept the antiquities not being exhibited in their natural state. They were great works of art and aesthetically it was wrong.”

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