Austalia Sends Major Works to UK for Landmark Survey Exhibition

May 6th, 2013

Sidney Nolan's 1946 enamel-on-board painting Ned Kelly, one of a series on Australia's outlaw-hero, via The GuardianThe Royal Academy of the Arts is preparing for a major exhibition of works from the Australian continent, opening in September.  Featuring some of the country’s most iconic works, the show is already generating a great deal of interest in both the UK and Australia.  “I think it’s true to say that there has never been an exhibition like this before,” said Kathleen Soriano, the show’s curator. “This survey is long, long overdue. We should know more of these important figures as part of our broader art historical canon, not least because so much of it relates directly back to this country but even more so because there are some tremendous artists we really should be aware of and should be able to enjoy.”

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