Istanbul Biennial Withdraws from Contested Areas

September 17th, 2013

Istanbul biennial: Halil Altindere’s film, Wonderland, via The GuardianThe ongoing Istanbul Biennial has raised the ire of artists and activists over its tactical departure from a number of culturally and politically contested areas, following the massive protests this summer in Gezi Park.  Originally intended to meet the waves of gentrification currently sweeping through the city, the fair has moved its exhibitions to some of the city’s most established galleries.  “You lose time when you send things by email and try to get permission. It was the opposite during Gezi. People were improvising; they were very fast and very efficient at organising collectively. The biennial could learn from that.”   Says Artist Ahmet Ögüt, who runs the Tate-funded art school for refugees, Silent University.

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