Douglas Gordon Interviewed in Art Newspaper

December 11th, 2014

Douglas Gordon, via Art NewspaperDouglas Gordon gives an enigmatic interview in the Art Newspaper this week, as the artist opens his newest commissioned piece at the Park Ave Armory, an immense, flooded space around which pianist Hélène Grimaud performs.  “The whole thing started by accident when I was making a lithographic edition based on the eclipse of the sun in the south of France back in 1999,” says Gordon, “and one of the people involved asked me why I was interested in lunacy. I said, “Well, I like wolves…”. And so we got into this hilarious conversation and she said that I should get Hélène Grimaud involved in my practice because, well, she’s clearly not a lunatic, but she has this condition—synaesthesia—which means that she sees colors when she plays music. And she also loves wolves.”Read more at Art Newspaper