UK Survey Finds Overwhelming Middle Class Presence in Art Field

November 27th, 2015

Miranda Hart with actor Eddie Redmayne, via GuardianA recent UK survey has found that the arts are widely dominated by those with a middle-class upbringing, due mainly to the precariousness of early years in the field (often requiring free labor among other financial sacrifices) that lower class artists are less likely to be able to take.  “What’s most alarming is how things are going to get harder for young people in the arts who haven’t got family support, because of how much more precarious the situation is looking like it will become,” says Hadrian Garrard, the director of Create, an organization which conducted the survey in conjunction with Goldsmiths. “The scale of people who have worked for free or are working without a contract is pretty scary. And given how much more expensive it is to live in London, it is more and more likely that people without money will just not be able to follow careers in the arts.”

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