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Jail for Spanish Forger Who Attempted Sale of 15 Fake Works

February 21st, 2023

A Spanish court has sentenced an art collector to prison for selling a set of fake works, including a series of forged works attributed to Edvard Munch and Roy Lichtenstein.
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The Guardian Interviews Former Subjects of Painter Alice Neel

February 21st, 2023

The Guardian has a piece this week on what it was like to be painted by Alice Neel. “One day Alice said she wanted to paint me and to bring some things I could wear, so I packed a little suitcase and had various costumes,” says artist and sex activist Annie Sprinkle. “I’d just had my labia pierced and I was showing it off, and she really wanted to see that. She picked a leather outfit and I put a feather in my hair.”
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Alice Walton’s Art Bridges Foundation Behind $4.5 Million Robert Colescott Buy

February 21st, 2023

Alice Walton’s Art Bridges Foundation is apparently behind the $4.5 million purchase of a Robert Colescott at Bonhams this month. “This work in particular presents a hopeful and powerful message, and we are pleased that it resonated so strongly with individuals and institutions alike,” says Ralph Taylor, Bonhams’s global head for postwar and contemporary art.
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Ashley Bickerton

Ashley Bickerton image via

[image via]

Ashley Bickerton (born Barbados, 1959) is a contemporary artist living in Bali. A mixed-media artist, Bickerton often combines both photographic and painterly elements with industrial and found object assemblages. He is associated the early 1980s art movement Neo-Geo, which includes artists such as Jeff Koons and Peter Halley.

Green Head with Inlay 1, 2007 image via Wikipedia Entry

Green Head with Inlay 1, 2007

[image via Wikipedia Entry]

LH 17, 2007 image via

LH 17, 2007- image via

The Dream, 2008

The Dream, 2008- image via

Bickerton graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in 1982 before moving to New York to attend the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. Ashley Bickerton’s work has explored issues in contemporary art related to the commidification of the art object itself. Often his objects are grotesque in a self-aware manner and are often a critique of capitalism.

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The Davidsons- 1997 oil acrylic, pencil and aniline dye on wood image via

The Davidsons- 1997 oil acrylic, pencil and aniline dye on wood.

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More info about the artist coming soon.