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Kerry James Marshall Commissioned to Replace Two Confederate-Themed Stained Glass Panels at National Cathedral

September 27th, 2021

Work by artist Kerry James Marshall will replace two Confederate-themed stained-glass panels at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., the NYT reports. “It will have to be work that is able to synthesize a multiplicity of ideas and sentiments about what the country represents for all of us,” Marshall says. “There will be some kind of imagery that presents itself as an invitation to reflection on the meaning of America now.”
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Korakrit Arunanondchai Interviewed in Art Newspaper

September 27th, 2021

Korakrit Arunanondchai has an interview in Art Newspaper this week, as the artist opens a major show of his work at the Migros Museum in Zurich, where he reflects on the dense layering of cultural, personal and societal symbolism in his work. “I felt like I wanted to paint on denim because denim constantly signifies Western globalization and the soft power of America.” he says. “Today, one in seven people in the world have denim. It felt like that was the thread or the canvas I wanted to build my practice upon. But now I think the series has gone full circle, it goes back to my grandfather, to the idea of death, to the source of the fire itself.”
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Swiss Prosecutor Drops Investigation of Dealer Yves Bouvier

September 21st, 2021

The Geneva public prosecutor has dropped a criminal investigation into the operations of Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier, the NYT reports. “Although there are still some gray areas as to the legal nature of the relationship between the parties, even on the assumption that Yves Bouvier was the agent of the complainants, the objective constituent elements of the offense have not been met,” the ruling reads.
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Christopher Wool

Image via Chinati
b. 1955
Lives and works in:

New York, NY

Represented by:

Max Hetzler, Berlin; Luhring Augstine, New York; Skarstedt Fine Art, New York

Education includes:

Sarah Lawrence BA, Bronxville, NY
New York Studio School, New York, NY
New York University, New York, NY

Wool is an American painter known for creating pictorial forms, often void of color due to his loyalty to black and white. First gaining notoriety from his ‘word pictures’ of the late 1980s, Wool now works frequently with enamel paint on canvas, creating layered pieces, marked with paint spatter and sporadic drips.

Other characteristic tendencies include erasing almost-entire pictures then writing over them with black spray paint. He approaches art as a process that needs revision and often makes visible corrections within his works.

His work is included in the collections of over two-dozen international museums including London’s Tate Modern, The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and Boston’s Museum of Fine Art.

Image via Chinati

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