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Rotterdam Museum Embracing Public Art Storage Strategy

February 11th, 2016

Rendering of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen's Public Art Depot, via Art NewspaperThe Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam is planning a public art storage service for itself, which will allow the museum to rent space to collectors for storing works, while making the pieces available for public viewing.  “For the museum, this concept kills many birds with one stone. It provides private funding for a public initiative, it allows it to share the costs of its collection management services, and it brings private collectors closer to the museum,” says collector Alain Servais, “which should encourage donations. Storage is becoming a serious problem for collectors, with no easy or reasonably priced solutions.”   
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Pace Gallery Sees Success with Selling to Silicon Vallery

February 11th, 2016

TeamLab, via WSJAn entry in Wall Street Journal’s technology blog notes the success Pace Gallery has had in selling works to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, often by telling them that the works are not available.   Its recent show of works by Japanese collective TeamLab, which had a series of works listed as “not for sale,” have already sold a selection of works for up to $450,000.
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UK Cinemas Screening Art Films Before Features Nationwide

February 11th, 2016

Gabriel Abrantes, via GuardianThe UK is initiating a project in which art films and experimental will run before films at mainstream movie theatres, often without the audience’s prior knowledge.  The project launched this week, headed by the Independent Cinema Office and Lux, and funded by Arts Council England.  “I’m excited to share the work with wider audiences. It’s a wonderful opportunity to, however briefly, stimulate a dialogue about cinematic devices—camera, edit, sound, narration—and to both celebrate and deconstruct the ways in which we engage with and depict wild spaces and subjects in film,” says Margaret Salmon, one of the selected artists.
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Enoc Perez

b. 1967
Lives and works in:

New York, NY

Represented by:

Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York

Education includes:

Hunter College MFA, New York
Pratt Institute BFA, Brooklyn

Perez, the son of an art critic, was heavily exposed to art throughout his childhood in San Juan. Arriving in New York in 1986, he emulated Warhol’s silkscreen painting technique, layering paint to capture an array of subjects from feminine portraits to modern architecture, typically basing his paintings on previously existing photographs.

Recent works demonstrate his range and versatility. His 2006 series titled “New York” captures many of the city’s tallest and most famous buildings in oil paint and is chilling in the wake of September 11th. Other works, like “Ron Superior,” a watercolor painting of a bottle of rum and accompanying glass, resemble Impressionist art.

His work is also part of the permanent collection of Puerto Rico’s Museum of Modern Art.

Recent and Upcoming Shows and Exhibitions:
“Enoc Perez”
Museum of Contemporary Art, Golden Warehouse, North Miami
December 6, 2007 – March 22, 2008