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British Museum to Digitize Collection

October 18th, 2023

Following a string of controversial thefts, the British Museum has announced ambitious plans to digitize its collection. “Following the discovery that objects have been stolen from the collection, we have taken steps to improve security and are now confident that a theft of this kind can never happen again,” says interim director Mark Jones. “It is my belief that the single most important response to the thefts is to increase access, because the better a collection is known – and the more it is used – the sooner any absences are noticed.”
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Ann Philbin, Hammer Museum Head, To Retire

October 18th, 2023

Ann Philbin, director of UCLA’s Hammer Museum, has announced plans to retire. She will step down from the post in fall of 2024.
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Arthur Brand Recovers Series of Works Stolen from Dutch Town of Medemblik

October 18th, 2023

Art sleuth Arthur Brand has recovered a bundle of six paintings, stolen from the Dutch town of Medemblik this month. The works were delivered to Brand’s home after a statement that the thieves would have a hard time selling the pieces. “I’m very thankful that they decided to do the right thing. Stealing is wrong, but if you return it, at least you do something right,” he said. 
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Jeff Koons

b. 1955
Lives and works in:

New York City

Represented by:

Gagosian Gallery

Education includes:

Art Institute of Chicago

Maryland College of Art

Jeff Koons is one of the most well known names in contemporary art. His work, with images extracted from popular and kitsch culture, has been the focus of many museum solo exhibitions, such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Bilbao Guggenheim, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Koons gained recognition in the 1980s when he was associated with the American art movement, Neo-Geo, which aimed at critiquing the commercialization and mechanization of contemporary society. Koons, whose methods of critique come in the form of parody and appropriation, works with an acute awareness of his art-historical precedents, namely Pop Art and the Duchampian Ready-Made. His work explores many contemporary issues regarding sex, class, desire, race, celebrity, media and much more.

Rarely fabricating the work himself, Koons is known for his large-scale sculpture. Playing with the space between kitsch, everyday objects and high art, Koons has created much buzz and controversy surrounding his work. Rabbit (1986), which is a large, polished stainless steel sculpture of an oversized balloon rabbit, is an example of this. In this work and similar works, the viewer is able to see their own reflection in the object itself. Focusing more on ideas than objects, Koons’ work begs (albeit with a certain lightness) the viewer to question contemporary society and its products.

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