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AO Interview with Michael Nevin on the ten-year anniversary and redesign of the journal

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

the journal entry 27, all images courtesy the journal

Last night the journal released its ten-year anniversary issue at the Rodarte show at Gagosian Gallery. Started by Michael Nevin with some friends at art school in California as a xeroxed zine that focused on skateboarding and snowboarding, the journal has evolved into a glossy affair, counting William Eggleston and Richard Prince among its contributors. The journal is like a personal journal, with each issue carefully curated, including drawings and photographs, interviews, ramblings, and now for the first time, fashion spreads. Five years ago the journal moved with Nevin to New York, and through luck and happenstance, expanded to include a gallery, then in a building in the East Village. That space saw a number of exhibitions as well as parties to pay the rent. The Journal Gallery continues in Williamsburg, with its current exhibition featuring sculptural work by Norwegian artist Ida Ekblad.

Cover of William Eggleston’s supplement to the journal entry 27

The new issue, entry 27, is the premier of the journal‘s new design by Peter Miles. ArtObserved talked with Nevin about the evolution of the magazine and gallery, and has a preview of the issue, featuring Jonathan Meese, Walter Pfeiffer, Ida Ekblad, and a supplement by William Eggleston

the journal

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Go See: The Generational: Younger Than Jesus at The New Museum, through 5 July, 2009

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

AIDS-3D, OMG Obelisk, 2007 - Photo via Art Observed

The New Museum presents The Generational: Younger Than Jesus, an exhibition representing fifty international artists who were all born around 1980. Underpinning the exhibition theme is the idea that artist make firm gestures in the early stages of their artistic development. The exhibition gives insight into how this generation of artists experienced and reinterpreted, through their art work, personal and world events that occured during their lifetime so far. Within that reinterpretation, issues of memory , and cross-cultural and cross-generational communication arise. Addressing these issues through questions of technology, identity, collaboration and family uncovers an intimacy in the work that is not obvious at first. Taking up a large part of the museum (the lobby, second floor, third floor, fourth floor and fifth floor), the exhibition will run through 5 July 2009.

The Generational: Younger than Jesus
The New Museum
235 Bowery, New York
8 April 2009 – 5 July 2009

Exhibition Page and Media
[The New Museum]
Exhibtion Blog [The New Museum]
Announcement of the Opening [Art Newspaper]
Questioning the Durablity of Young Artists [Two Coats of Paint]
A “Wunderkind” Review [C-Monster]
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Video Review of the Exhibition [The World's Best Ever]
Jerry Saltz reviews the Exhibition [New York Magazine]
A “Refreshing” Show [NY Art Beat]
New Art is Complete Anarchy [New Yorker]
A “Vibrant” and “Energetic” Show [NY Art Beat]
“Useless Information” [ArtNet]
The Strengths and the Weaknesses [ArtNet]
An Impression of the Opening Night [New York Times]
Review of the Opening Night [Art Forum]


Go See: ‘Walking on Air’ by Richard Tuttle at PaceWildenstein, New York, through April 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Richard Tuttle, 'Walking on Air, 5' (top) and 'Walking on Air, 4' (bottom), 2008, Via

Presently on show at PaceWildenstein (534 W 25th st) is Richard Tuttle’s first solo show at the gallery. The exhibition includes twelve new works that were executed in 2008. All twelve pieces, measuring roughly  1’ x 10’, are made up of two rectangles of dyed fabric cloth with sown in grommets, allowing each piece to hang on nails. For Tuttle, these latest additions to his oeuvre alleviate the ambiguity of dichotomy and of the abstract and the real and instead make manifest the prospect of harmony and a new beginning.  The works are paired with a DVD, showing a conversation between Tuttle and Arne Glimcher, director and founder of Pace Art Gallery in New York.

Richard Tuttle: Walking on Air
534 W 25th st
March 20 – April 25, 2009

Exhibition Page and Press Release
Richard Tuttle Info, Bio, Essays and More [Sperone Westwater]
Biography, Interviews and Multimedia on Richard Tuttle [PBS art:21]
Richard Tuttle: Never Not an Artist (2005). Documentary on Richard Tuttle directed by Chris Maybach [Art City]


AO On Site Photoset/Video/News Wrapup: Art Basel Miami Beach Survives in 2008

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Lucian Freud “Sally Clarke” “David, Pluto and Eli” and “Woman Sleeping” at Acquavella Gallery

Spectacle ensues as Pamela Anderson and David LaChapelle visit 303 Gallery at Art Basel Miami Beach

This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach began with a great deal of trepidation over where the level of sales would be in comparison to that of last year.  While volume was undeniably less this year, there was still a minimum level of sales completed which seemed to determine the event’s eventual success.   The art fair seemed to normalize to a level where the high quality of art that was brought down could be viewed, and in some cases purchased, at more measured, civilized pace.  Similarly, the corresponding events had a tone that was neither frantic nor somber; in some cases they were anticlimactic, elsewhere they were just fun.  The art market players are resting for a bit now after so much work and festivities in one short set of days, and few regretted the trip.

Eli Broad, Jay-Z Tour Slower Miami Art Fair, Collectors Haggle [Bloomberg]
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Exceptionally High Quality at Art Basel Miami Beach 2008
Feeling the pinch in the Miami vice
Fair Enough
The art market: Strong voting for the art party
Slowdown In The Art Market [Forbes]
Art Basel Miami Beach 2008
At Fairs by the Beach, the Sands of Creativity
Art Basel Miami Beach | Under Construction [NYTimes]
Soft landings in hard times [ArtNewspaper]
Loyal buyers secure a positive start
David Lynch’s diamond dome
Basel sees a bright side
Art Basel sales show slowdown in tough economic year [MiamiHerald]
Kmart Special Time at Art Basel Miami
Terence Koh Dazzles Art Basel Miami With Thrilling Nonperformance [NYMag]
Seven Things We Learned at Art Basel Miami [NYMag]
Miami ///The Recap: Art Basel’s Amazing “It Ain’t Fair”
Miami ///WTF?!? Files ///Takashi Murakami Gets Loose at Art Basel [Supertouch]
Art Basel: Cartier Dreams, Forbes Yacht Party, Caviar & Grace Jones
Art Basel: Actually, It Was Awesome

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Steve Wynn’s newly repaired $139 million Picasso joins New York show at Acquavella Galleries

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Le Rêve, Pablo Picasso (1932) via Ocasionalidades

The $139 million Picasso painting, Le Rêve, that was damaged in 2006 by billionaire Stephen Wynn will be publicly shown for the first time since the accident at Acquavella Galleries in New York City.  Stephen Wynn, the operator of a Las Vegas casino and one of the most significant art collectors in the world, damaged the Picasso painting when he accidentally bumped it with his elbow back in 2006, only hours after agreeing to sell it to Steven Cohen for $139 million.  The sale was canceled due to the damage of the painting.  Since then, the painting has been repaired and will be included in the upcoming Picasso exhibit opening October 15 at Acquavella Galleries. The exhibit will include an estimated $500 million worth of artwork, much of which is not for sale.

Watch Those Elbows: Wynn’s $139 Million Picasso Joins N.Y. Show [Bloomberg]
Acquavella To Show Wynn’s Damaged Picasso [NYSun]
Steve Wynn’s Repaired Picasso Joins New York Show [Artinfo]
The $40-Million Elbow [New Yorker]


Zaha Hadid’s Chanel Mobile Art Space coming to Central Park October 20th to November 9th

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Chanel’s Mobile Art pavilion via NYTimes

Karl Lagerfeld, Artistic Director of CHANEL, Maureen Chiquet, Global CEO of CHANEL, and Bruno Pavlovsky, CHANEL Fashion President, along with Adrian Benepe, Commissioner of the Department of Parks & Recreation for the City of New York, and Douglas Blonsky, President of the Central Park Conservancy and Central Park Administrator, have announced that the Mobile Art Pavilion will touch ground in Central Park on October 20th and will stay through November 9th. The spacecraft-looking pavilion will sit in the Rumsey Playfield, around the center of the park at 5th Ave and 69th Street. Mobile Art is a 7,500-square-foot traveling art gallery that exhibits changing installations created by some of the leading international contemporary artists, such as Nobuyoshi Araki, the Blue Noses, Daniel Buren, Sophie Calle, Wim Delvoye, Sylvie Fleury, Yang Fudong, Subodh Gupta, Y.Z. Kami, Yoko Ono and Pierre & Gilles.

Central Park to Host Mobile Art Chanel Contemporary Art Container by Zaha Hadid [Dexigner]
Chanel Rents Central Park for Tacky Art Pavilion [Artnet]
Central Park To Host a Chanel Commission [NYSun]
Central Park to Host Exhibition Pavilion by Zaha Hadid [Contract Magazine]
A 7,500-Square-Foot Ad for Chanel, With an Artistic Mission [NYTimes]
Central Park to Host Mobile Art Chanel Contemporary Art Container By Zaha Hadid [Artdaily]
Chanel Brings Giant Ad/Art to Central Park [Gothamist]
More on Mobile Art covered by Art Observed here


Newslinks: Monday, July 14 2008

Monday, July 14th, 2008

This photograph taken in Jamaica four years ago, is believed to be Banksy via Daily Mail

After a year long investigation, Graffiti artist Banksy revealed? More here, and here [Daily Mail], [NYTimes], [Supertouchart]
Ad agencies reverse the long-evident trend of artists poaching from popular ads by creating popular ads that poach from artists [NYTimes]
A profile of Roman Abramovich’s girlfriend, Daria “Dasha” Zhukova, a new player on the art scene [TimesUK]
Previously thought ‘fake’ is a Rembrandt, but not a self-portrait [The Art Newspaper]
The Sun reviews Art Market tome ‘The $12 Million Stuffed Shark’ previously covered by AO here [NYSun]
On Page Six: 303 Gallery employee fired for mistaking Marc Jacobs for a homeless man and Andres Serrano keeps it gritty in his new Chelsea show [NYPost]
MoMA assembles modern prefab houses in adjacent vacant lot [NYTimesMag]

Review: ‘Paranormal Activity’ is abnormally scary.(A & E)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer October 14, 2009 We live in a world of reality TV, YouTube, digital cameras, and cell phones with access to the Internet and video capabilities. But ten years ago, before our ties to everyday home recorders, a little independent horror flick called The Blair Witch Project came out and scared the pants off people by providing something we hadn’t seen before: “real” video footage of scary stuff happening to “real” people. But can the same “real footage” angle still produce scares today? Director Oren Peli and his Paranormal Activity proves that yes, yes it can. go to site paranormal activity 2 online

Movie Trailers TV News Celebrity News Photos More from Interview: Director Spike Jonze Talks Where the Wild Things Are Megan Fox’s Next Project: Underwear Ads Children’s Book Adaptations That Failed Dancing With The Stars Results: Chuck Liddell Is Counted Out The Pitch Meeting for Showgirls 2 Live-in boyfriend and girlfriend (Micah and Katie) videotape their everyday lives living in their house where Katie has reportedly experienced out of the ordinary occurrences. Over the course of three weeks, the two determine that some sort of presence is definitely in the house. But what? And why? And maybe most importantly, what can they do about it? Armed with only a camera and some computer software, the couple tapes their experience while attempting to figure out what to do.

What makes Paranormal Activity so darn effective is how real the whole thing feels. They didn’t try and pull a Blair Witch and claim that the events really took place — we live in the Internet age where any sort of white lie like that could be debunked in a matter of minutes. But everything from the couple — their relationship, the house they live in, their reactions to what’s going on around them — feels so real during even the mundane and normal parts of their lives that when the freaky stuff kicks in, it’s that much scarier.

The leads were key in making this movie work, and both Micah and Katie put their all into their roles. They hit the right emotional chords when they needed to, and when the terror kicks in for them, it kicks in for the audience as well. Only a few times did I feel their performances were fake, mostly due to some of the dialogue that was likely scripted in certain areas to steer the “plot” in the proper direction; otherwise, they felt like genuine people.

The house was also vital in making or breaking the film’s scare factor as the whole movie takes place in the couple’s house. The house felt like a real house, a house that you’ve probably been in at one time or another, or maybe even live in now. It’s an ordinary house with ordinary stuff. Again, what could possibly be scarier than freaky stuff happening in the woods? How about your own home? Provoking a fear of the unknown in the middle of the woods is easy to induce, but fear inside your everyday suburban house? That’s no easy task.

But the big question remains: Is it scary? By using sound effects, gaining night vision-style video, and an eerie premise, Paranormal Activity managed to produce a genuinely scary and downright creepy little horror flick. What may be the scariest tactic of all was the anticipation of what was going to happen each night the couple spent in the house. There’s so much focus and concentration on waiting to see something happen, that when something as simple as a door moving by itself does happen, it makes your hair stand on end. While the movie does pull a few cheap boo-scares, I can’t say they weren’t welcome — the sudden loud noises were jolting, but the reasons behind those noises were what made them scary. The use of the handheld camera also added to the scare factor, only showing you pieces of what’s going on at a time. in our site paranormal activity 2 online

Paranormal Activity is a terrifying movie experience, done through strategic storytelling devices, off-camera sound effects, and only the most primitive, basic special effects. By creating the fearful anticipation of what might happen each night, the film reaches heights in horror that haven’t been touched in a while. Micah and Katie were relatable and, best of all, they were real, making the events that unfold around them that much more intense and unbearable. While I thought the ending took an uncharacteristic turn from the rest of the movie, the film as a whole still provided a frightening experience and delivered what audiences everywhere have been asking for for years: a reason to sleep with the lights on for awhile, and just in time for Halloween to boot.

Grade: A- Ammon Gilbert covers the latest in horror weekly for

View the original article on

Go See: The Chapman Brothers, White Cube, Mason’s Yard, London: “If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be” through July 12

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Jake (left) and Dinos Chapman with their work Fucking Hell 2008 via The Independent

From May 30th to July 12th the news collection from the Chapman brothers, If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be will be on display at the White Cube Gallery in Mason’s Yard London.  The show includes a remake of the Chapmans’ original piece Hell entitled F****** Hell and the defacement of watercolors created by the hand of Hitler and a series of classic oil portraits.

White Cube Gallery
The Chapmans journey to Hell and back
[Times Online]
Hitler gets Chapman treatment as Hell rises from the ashes [Guardian UK]
Jake and Dinos Chapman go to work on ‘abject’ Hitler art [Times Online]
Chapman brothers’ Hell back from the flames [Telegraph UK]
Chapman Brothers Draw on Hitler [Artinfo]


AO ON SITE: Michel Gondry at Deitch Projects

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Opening night of “Be Kind Rewind” at Deitch Projects

Droves of gallery goers attended Michel Gondry’s opening of “Be Kind Rewind” at Deitch Projects. The exhibition is a precursor to the film, of the same name, that will be released in theaters shortly.

Michel Gondry []
“Be Kind Rewind” the movie [Be]
Deitch Projects [Deitch Gallery]
“Be Kind Rewind” at Deitch Projects [New York Daily News]
“Be Kind Rewind” inspired by Michel Gondry’s latest film []

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