Newslinks for Friday, January 23rd, 2009

January 23rd, 2009

Terence Koh in United  Bamboo via Refinery29

Artist and downtown NYC fixture Terence Koh Models for United Bamboo [Refinery29]
A review of director of Hauser and Wirth gallery Gregor Muir’s book on the seminal period of the Young British Art movement of the 80’s “They were too drunk, too coked up, too busy scrounging up some rent, too out of work and squalor-happy to remember much about the glory days.” [TimesUK]
Art Tactic reports 81% fall in confidence levels in contemporary-art market, predicts 3-5 years to recovery, institutes new “survival rating” to predict artists to be considered still relevant in 10 years [Bloomberg]
In related, the Art Newspaper offers predictions for the market in 2009 [ArtNewspaper]

Olafur Eliasson’s book via Space Invading

Commissioned by MOMA, Olafur Eliasson creates 454 page, 85:1 scale, laser-cut negative space rendering of his home [SpaceInvading]
Video of Rirkrit Tiravanija serving up vegetarian curry at a grafitti’d construction installation at David Zwirner
The Louvre begins managing its first ever endowment of $230m received from the United Arab Emirates to build a museum there
When artwork decays and requires reproduction
Anthony Haden-Guest on Yves Saint Laurent’s 700+ work art collection to be auctioned in February by Christie’s Paris at a £200m to £300m estimate

Elegant Aston Martin Rapide

Belfast Telegraph April 29, 2009 ASTON Martin’s new 6.0-litre, V12-engined Rapide has moved into the final stages of development, with the first cars due to be delivered to customers in early 2010.

The car – with swan-wing doors that rise upwards and outwards as they swing open – will be built at a new production facility in Graz, Austria.

Aston Martin says the as-yet unpriced Rapide “will be the most elegant four-door sports car in the world”. here aston martin rapide

The fourth annual Bradford Classic will be staged in the west Yorkshire city over the weekend of July 18 and 19.

There will be more than 150 classic and performance cars going on open-air show in Centenary Square, Bradford.

Adventure biking – the growing trend of motorcyclists taking off on long-distance treks, often over fairly hostile territory.

To help prepare for such a hazardous long journey, authors Robert Wicks and Greg Baker have come up with an essential guide, titled Adventure Riding Techniques (Haynes, priced Pounds 19.99).

It deals with everything from rough terrain, bike preparation, and riding skills, to security and survival. this web site aston martin rapide

Put together in an easily-followed Haynes manual format, it can be sourced from bookshops, or

XPart, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Logistics Services, says there’s still a plentiful supply of MG Rover parts, and holds a stock of 40,000 MG and Rover items.

It’s four years since the MG Rover factory closed down near Birmingham, and by linking with MG Rover brand owner, China’s Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC), XPart gets parts made from original MG Rover tooling.

For information on XPart, or to locate the nearest MG Rover AutoService centre, visit

First UK deliveries of the revised Audi Q7 luxury 4×4 take place in July, with a 3.0-litre “clean diesel” engine joining the enhanced line-up.

Prices will range from Pounds 38,575 to Pounds 94,850, and orders can be placed now.