Go See – Aix-en-Provence, France: 'Picasso/Cézanne' at Musée Granet through September 27, 2009

July 26th, 2009

Paul Cézanne, “Gardanne (vue verticale)” (1886), showing as part of “Picasso/Cézanne” at Musée Granet. Via the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Showing at Musée Granet are paintings by Picasso and Cézanne.  Organized in collaboration with the Communauté du pays d’Aix and the Réunion des Musées Naitonaux, the show comprises more than a hundred paintings, drawings, watercolors, engravings, and sculptures.  The exhibition closes on September 27.

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Picasso’s “Le village de Vauvenargues” (1959), showing as part of “Picasso/Cézanne” at Musée Granet. Via atelier

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“Picasso/Cézanne” examines the extent to which the former was influenced by the latter.  Accordingly, it is divided into four sections that map out Picasso’s evolution as an artist.  The first, “Picasso looks at Cézanne,” analyzes the years between 1900 and 1917, during which Picasso developed a Cezannian Cubism — new methods and techniques of experimentation that Picasso derived from his study of Cézanne.  The second, “Picasso collects Cézanne,” corresponds to the years during which Picasso’s growing collection of artwork revolved around his Cézanne masterpieces.  “Shared themes, objects, forms, and features,” the third section of the show, houses the works into which Picasso began to interject forms used by Cézanne, including still-life with fruit, men smoking, women in armchairs, and more.  Finally, the exhibition offers a peek into that time when “Picasso approaches Cézanne,” the significant years between 1959 and 1961 that Picasso spent painting in the castle of Vauvenargues, which is open to the public to complement the exhibition.

Paul Cézanne, “Fruits, serviettes et boîte à lait” (c. 1880), at Musée Granet. Via Artdaily.

Picasso’s “La Desserte” (1901), courtesy of the gallery.

Cézanne, “Portrait de Gustave Geffroy” (1895-96), at Musée Granet. Via Pepperell.

Picasso, “Buste de la fermiére” (1908), at Musée Granet. Via Wall Street Journal.

The “father of modern art,” Paul Cézanne is often credited with the beginnings of a transition between impressionism and cubism.  Matisse and Picasso are said to have called him “the father of us all.”  Picasso certainly studied Cézanne’s work to build his own technique, and Musée Granet explores that interaction of artist.  “I’ll say I know Cézanne!” Picasso said. “He was my one and only master! Of course I have looked at his paintings… I have spent years studying them…”

Cézanne, “Arlequin” (1888-90), at Musée Granet. Via expo-cézanne.

Picasso, “Arlequin” (1917), at Musée Granet. Via Wall Street Journal.

Cézanne, “Baigneuses” (c. 1890), at Musée Granet. Via Libération.

Picasso, “Baigneuse” (1961), courtesy of the gallery.

Cézanne, “Madame Cézanne en robe rayée” (1883-85), courtesy of the gallery.

Picasso, “Jacqueline assise dans un fauteuil” (1964), at Musée Granet.  Via egodesign.

Cézanne, “L’homme à la pipe” (c. 1896), via The Telegraph.

Picasso, “Le Fumeur” (1971), at Musée Granet.

- R. Fogel

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