Go See – Wolfsburg, Germany: 15 Years of Collecting – Against the Grain at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, through September 13, 2009

August 28th, 2009

Andreas Gursky, Pyongyang V via Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Currently showing at the   Wolfsburg is an exhibition titled “15 Years of Collecting – Against the Grain.” The Museum was launched in 1994 along with the immediacy of its mission to build a permanent collection of highly distinguished works by contemporary artists. The year of starting point of the collection, acquired since the launch of the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, is 1968. The museum’s international reputation boasts works of avant-garde, minimalist, late modernist and conceptual artists. In celebration of its 15 anniversary Kunstmuseum is showing key works from its collection curated in an unconventional manner. The exhibit includes works by Bruce Nauman, Elizabeth Peyton, Carl Andre and Damien Hirst among others and closes September 13, 2009.

Damien Hirst, A Hundred Years via Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

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Sarah Morris, Neon- Midnight Fantasy via Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg on the occasion of its 15th anniversary presents works from its collection in an unconventional manner, since it is neither chronological, nor art historical in its curation. Nevertheless, it is characteristic of the very practice of collecting. Works by established older artists are placed along the younger, emerging ones. The juxtaposition allows for the blurring of the boundaries rather then emphasizing them. This is suggestive of the museums pioneering and active role in the field of contemporary art.

Jeff Wall, A Hunting Scene via Art News

“15 Years of Collecting – Against the Grain” is mainly built around the pieces acquired since 2006 including works by Lawrence Weiner, Gerhard Merz and Etienne-Louis Boullée III.  Just like the mission of Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg was to collect distinctive works, significant to the time period of their conception, rather than a cohesive art historical survey- the exhibit in its curation showcases works important to the collection.

Philip Taaffe, Lalibela Kabinett via Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Eberhard Havekost, Stuhl via Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Elizabeth Peyton, Evan Reviewing Singles of the Week for Melody Maker via Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Allan McCollum, Over 10,000 Individual Works via Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg