Go See – London: Titian's "Triumph of Love" at The National Gallery, Through September 20, 2009

August 3rd, 2009

Triumph of Love, Titian Via ArtInfo

While the key aim of the exhibit is locating the use of paintings as reverses and covers during Italian Renaissance, the main attraction of it- is Titian’s rediscovered “Triumph of Love.”   “Triumph of Love” (mid 1540s maybe) has undergone conservation and cleaning and will be publicly displayed for the first time in 50 years. It was last shown at the Royal Academy in 1960. The painting will be moved to the Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford after the show at the National Gallery is over September 20, 2009.

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An Allegory of Prudence, Titian vie National Gallery

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A Lady in Profile, Follower of Sandro Botticelli. Via National Gallery

“Triumph of Love” by Titian has been given to Oxford University’s Ashmoleon Museum through AIL- a scheme that enables taxpayers to transfer important works of art or other heritage to public ownership while paying a form of inheritance tax. The painting has undergone cleaning and renovation at the National Gallery and will remain there for the current exhibit. Unseen by public eye for 50 years, it has changed drastically. If before the renovation there were speculations whether it was Titian himself who created the work, now there seem to be no doubts. The under drawing revealed, and the brushstroke now more visible- have freed the scholars from any hesitations concerning the authorship of “Triumph of Love.”

Portrait of a Man, Jacometto at the “Triumph of Love” exhibit. National Gallery

The “Triumph of Love” was made for Titian’s patron and friend Vendramin and served as a cover of another painting. The exhibit at the National Gallery in London will also showcase a work by Titian that depicts the Vendramin family.  Other works at the exhibit include “Portrait of a Man”, “A Lady in Profile” (also cover and reverse paintings) and Titian’s famous “Allegory of Prudence.”

The Vendramin Family, Titian and family. Via National Gallery

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