Newslinks for Monday September 27th 2009

September 28th, 2009

Anish Kapoor
Installation view of Anish Kapoor’s work at the Royal Academy of Arts in London via BBC

Anish Kapoor, the first living artist to exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, installs a work that shoots red paint to the walls of the famed 18th century building [The Wall Street Journal]
Jeff Koons to be the curator of the New Museum show of Dakis Joannou’s collection, including works by Maurizio Cattelan, Urs Fischer, Robert Gober, Chris Ofili, and Jeff Koons himself
[The New York Times]
Russia’s biggest contemporary-art fair opened September 23, 2009 in Moscow to coincide with Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
Donald Fischer, founder of Gap and art collector, loses his battle to cancer at 81; his collection will be permanently housed at San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art
[San Francisco Chronicle]
Artist Ed Ruscha stars in a film by video artist Doug Aitken to be projected as installation entitled “Frontier” on Tiberina island in Rome
[The Art Newspaper]
Andreas Gursky, his works and Pop influences, mainly Warhol’s, as analyzed in the Economist conclude “99 cents II (Diptych)” as the artist’s most important piece

Ryan McGinness
Ryan McGinness via J. Crew

Last summer painter Alex Katz modeled clothes for J. Crew catalog; this year seven New York artists, including Ryan McGinness and Vito Acconci, are featured [J.Crew]
Tate Modern to recreate a 1992 exhibition that took place in New York’s Leo Castelli and was criticized as racist; 15 years later Tate curators appropriate the show as a part of a bigger Pop Life: Art in a Material World exhibit and hope for a different reaction
[The Independent]
A Sigmar Polke painting, Untitled – Oil on Drape (1969), stolen directly from the artist’s atelier, the police deliberates the thief could only be someone with access to the space
Frieze Art Fair 2009 announces the details of its sculpture park, in London’s Regent’s Park; “Henry Moore Bound to Fail” by American artist Paul McCarthy is to remain on display for six months
[Frieze Art Fair]

Guggenheim Museum Art Award via The New York Times

Louise Bourgeois, Urs Fischer, Dan Graham and Mary Heilmann are among the select individuals nominated for the First Annual Art Awards Guggenheim Museum announced this week [The New York Times] In related, the Frieze Art Fair announced the call for entries to The Cartier Award 2010 [Art Review]     
Results from Sotheby’s mid-season Contemporary Art Sale
details at Art Market Monitor [Sotheby’s]
The British Arts Council and the London 2012 organization announce Anthony McCall as a finalist in their nationwide initiative to commission public art in celebration of the upcoming Olympics. McCall has proposed a 1,5 mile earth sculpture in the form of a simulated vertical cloud in Liverpool [ArtInfo]
A detailed survey of Contemporary-Art Auction values in the midst of economic crises as influenced by several variables, show a significant decrease [Bloomberg]
65 year old Jehuda Reinharz, President of Brandeis University- home to Rose Art Museum housing works by artists such as Warhol and De Kooning, is to resign [Los Angeles Times]

Sophie Calle
Sophie Calle photographed by Yves Geant via Guardian UK

France’s conceptual artist Sophie Calle’s path to art world recognition as examined through a personal perspective: stripping, spying, sleeping, “seducing her father” all turned into artistic practice [Guardian UK]
At Westminster Cathedral, British painter Peter Doig is to create a new installation to coincide with a concert from the British pianist Stephen Hough whom he met after a recital in London in 2008 [Art Review]
Two new co-directors, both previously with Art Basel, promote this year’s Art Forum Berlin to attract some of the city’s big name art galleries, among which: Max Hetzler, Johann König, Klosterfelde and Neugerriemschneider [Financial Times] and here is some video of the event [Vernissage TV]
60 Galleries are not returning to Art Basel Miami Beach, but 65 new ones are added, hence the fair grows in quantity [Lindsay Pollock]

Picasso’s sketch to be auctioned via Guardian UK

Picasso’s sketch that must have taken seconds to produce is expected to sell for more than £20,000 at Duke’s auction [Guardian UK]
Christie’s “First Open” Post-War and Contemporary Art sale brings in good results, appealing to many buyers while providing a wide range of pricing and themes [Art in America]
Christie’s Frieze exhibitions and auctions dedicated to Post-War and Contemporary Art will include works by artists such as Lucio Fontana, Damien Hirst and Gerhard Richter [ArtDaily]
Museum of Contemorary Art in Los Angeles raises $60 million since December 2008 when it had revealed its financial troubles
[Culture Monster]
Annie Leibovitz and Damien Hirst to design for Louis Vuitton [Elle UK]


Seattle Post-Intelligencer July 14, 2000 Most fans just laugh at how silly horror movies have become. Three of filmdom’s Wayans brothers decided to parlay their reaction into real laughs in “Scary Movie.” “It’s like `Airplane,’ ” says director Keenan Ivory Wayans. “Those guys knew that the disaster genre had been beaten to death.

“In horror, you’ve had the Jason series, the Freddy series, the `Scream’ series. This genre’s been played to death. . . . Same thing with `Don’t Be a Menace . . . ‘ You had `Boyz N the Hood,’ `South Central.’ ” The makers of “Scary Movie,” which had a huge opening last weekend, are no strangers to parody. Wayans targeted blaxploitation films when he wrote, directed and starred in the 1988 comedy “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.” He also acted in “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood,” the 1996 comedy written by and starring younger brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans. in our site horror movies 2010

“If you can find a genre’s that’s beaten itself to death and has sort of ingrained itself in popular culture, then it’s ripe for parody,” says Keenan, 42.

“Scary Movie” originated with Shawn, 29, and Marlon, who’ll turn 28 on July 23. “All they do all day is call me,” Keenan Wayans said in an interview. “They sit in the house, and they call me, like, four times a day, going, `Is there something in this?’ And I’ll go, `No, that’s ridiculous.’ “And then they called me and said, `Is there something in the idea of doing a parody of all these teen horror movies?’ And I said, `Yeah, there’s definitely something in that.’ ” The younger Wayanses got together with Buddy Johnson, who’d served as executive story editor on their WB sitcom “The Wayans Brothers,” and Phil Beauman, who co-wrote “Don’t Be a Menace” and wrote for “In Living Color,” the sketch-comedy show created by Keenan in the early ’90s, and wrote a script. in our site horror movies 2010

“And 10 drafts later . . . it got made,” says Keenan. (Two other writers who’d come up with a similar idea are also credited because Miramax bought their script to avoid legal hassles.) Inspiration for “Scary Movie” came from sitting in theaters, watching the recent horror films and seeing how ridiculous they were, Marlon Wayans says.

“The first `Scream’ was good,” he says. “Then they do the sequel and they do `I Know What You Still Did Last Summer’ and . . . `Urban Legend.’ ” “Scary Movie” goofs on all the usual suspects plus “The Usual Suspects,” “The Sixth Sense,” and “The Blair Witch Project.” Marlon and Shawn wrote parts for themselves, naturally, but neither of them is the main character.

While the “Scream” films satirize the horror genre, “they just heightened where you need to go in terms of showing comedy,” says Marlon Wayans. “They make commentary. We show.” “They had an actual, real killer,” says Shawn Wayans. “We had a killer, but we made fun of what was funny about the killer in those movies.” “Scary Movie” also follows in the footsteps of gross-out comedies such as “There’s Something About Mary” and “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.” “ `Something About Mary’ and `South Park’ kind of opened up the door,” says Marlon Wayans. “What you do is, you go, `OK, y’all like that? Well, wait till you get a load of this!’ “What we’re doing with the comedy, pushing the envelope like that, is making a parody statement itself. Like, `Look at all the crazy things that people are doing out there.’ And teens love it.” What the Wayanses love is working with each other. Even though they couldn’t come up with roles for brother Damon or sister Kim, “Scary Movie” was a family affair.

Marlon and Shawn expect to continue collaborating. “I like working with him,” says Marlon. “I slept in a bed with him for 16 years. I had his feet in my face my whole life, so this is my best friend.” As for having big brother direct, that was a no-brainer. “Keenan is great,” says Shawn. “I think he’s a genius, and we totally respect his work. He taught us everything we know about comedy and just about life, period.

“It’s kind of like he’s been the director of our life anyway.” Adds Marlon: “So to finally get paid to be bossed around, hey!”