Go See – New York: Lawrence Weiner's 'Gyroscopically Speaking' at Marian Goodman Gallery through January 21, 2011

January 9th, 2011

North Gallery installation view. All photos via Marian Goodman Gallery

Conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner has placed text and curves upon walls and floors in his exhibition Gyroscopically Speaking, showing now at the Marian Goodman Gallery. The gyroscope as an object is problematic and unpresentable as a whole; one thing while it is still, a fascinating phenomenon of physics once spinning. Filling the North and South Galleries and the North Gallery Viewing Room, Weiner explores relationships between language and materials, humans and objects; the artist questions simultaneous realities of society and economics, forcing the viewer to engage an entirely new mentality.

Taken from the Wind and Bolted to the Ground,

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Le Sable Fin Le Sable Gros Le Sable Chaud Brought to Rest at the Same Time & The Same Point & Left to Disperse After Time (2008)

The North Gallery holds five works displayed on the specially constructed curving wall. Weiner’s text-based work plays on the ambiguity of language, open to translation and personal associations or connotations.  The volume-less works lend themselves to a dynamic context, easily installable anywhere.

Impacted to the Point of Fusing Sand into Glass, (2010)

Sprawling the floor of the South Gallery, Impacted to the Point of Fusing Sand into Glass uses vivid imagery and metaphor, perhaps pointing to the harsh processes by which individuals are forced into one transparent, empty mass.

Installation view of Preparatory Drawings for Gyroscopically Speaking, New York City, (2010)

The drawings of the North Gallery Viewing Room incorporate more images than many of the artist’s larger works. While still making use of text, the smaller works draw attention to their various shapes and forms, as well as their combined impact as a whole. The viewing room also holds a cartoon DVD, similarly titled Gyroscopically Speaking.

Preparatory Drawings for Gyroscopically Speaking, New York City, (2010)

Be That as It May, (2010)

Pushed Forward/ Close By/ Pushed Aside/ Close By/ With Graceful Haste
, (2009)

Niter & Brimstone Kept Apart (1993)

North Gallery Installation View

-S. Sveen

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