AO Onsite (with photoset) – White Column’s 2011 Benefit Auction, Saturday, May 14th 2011

May 16th, 2011

All photos by Lily Streeter for Art Observed

Last night, White Columns hosted their annual Benefit auction and exhibition at their space on 320 west 13th street. White Columns, founded by Jefferey Lew and art interventionist Gordon Matta-Clark, remains recognized as one of New York’s oldest non-profit art spaces, founded originally in Soho in 1970. It relocated four times before arriving upon the building it inhabits now, continously serving as a multi-purpose space for artists to exhibit, screen and present their work. White Columns upholds a tradition of showing new artists, and supporting artists in various experimental projects. The annual fundraiser auction gives artists a chance to return this support by contributing selected works to the silent auction. Various commissioned works were held at live auction this year as well; artists such as Peter Doig, Cecily Brown and Huma Bhabha created works in a series inspired by found vinyl record sleeves.

Peter Doig, Wishing It Would Rain (2011) being sold at live auction

Nate Lowman, Paper Airplane (2010)

Ari Marcopoulos and Barry McGee, Bed (2009)

Elizabeth Peyton, Flaubert in Egypt (After Delacroix) (2010)

Jorge Pardo, Untitled (2010)

White Columns Director Matthew Higgins

Peter Coffin, Untitled (Lines) (2011)

Terence Koh, Finger (2007)

Ugo Rondinone, Lines Out To Silence (2011)

Richard Prince

Rirkrit Tiravanija

Live auction of Enrico David, Untitled (Album Cover) (2011)

Trisha Donnelly

Aurel Schmidt, Baby Crap Flower (2011)

Huma Bhabha, Untitled (2011) (record piece)

Peter Doig, Wish It Would Rain (2011) (record piece)

Live Auction of an Untitled piece by Mike Nelson (2011).

Tony Conrad, Jutta Koether, John Miller, Greg Parma Smith, Primary Structures XXX Macarena. Live at  Issue Project Room. (2011) (record piece)

Carter, 1965 – 2000 (2011) (record piece)

Cecily Brown, Have You Ever been? (2011)

James Rosenquist, Phillip Glass Ensemble Poster (1977)

Trisha Donnelly, Untitled (2009)

Rob Pruitt, Untitled (2010)

Dan Colen, On the Way (2011)

Lisa Yuskavage, A Bad Habit (1995-2011)

Rita Ackermann, Flipped Over II (2010)

An untitled piece by Ella Kruglyanskaya (2011).

Slater Bradley, Whispers (2010)

Joe Bradley, Untitled (2010)

Ugo Rondinone, Lines Out to Silence (2011)

-L. Streeter

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