Go See – Paris: “Paris – Delhi – Bombay” at Centre Pompidou through September 19th, 2011

September 7th, 2011

Subodh Gupta, Ali Baba (2011)

The major exhibition Paris-Delhi-Bombay, currently on view at Centre Pompidou through September 19th, displays work by nearly 50 artists mainly based or born in India. Many emerging and high-profile Indian artists have been showing recently in Paris—both the work at Indian Summer, organized at Ecole des Beaux Arts, and Anish Kapoor‘s monumental intervention at the Grand Palais, have included work by Indian artists both already established in Europe as well as those still up-and-coming.

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Bharti Kher, Reveal the secrets that you seek (2011)

Within a circular entrance featuring posters, video, and advertising, the public experiences first Ravinder Reddy’s cliché depiction of Indian beauty: the goddess Tara standing in the middle of the exhibition space. Other specific rooms offer striking effects such as Bharti Kher’s treatment of 28 mirrors, smashed and covered with symbolic dots called “bindis” which are usually worn by married Indian women.

Gilles Barbier, The Game of Life (2010-2011)

In Paris-Delhi-Bombay, curators Sophie Duplaix and Fabrice Bousteau confront many different views on the subcontinent. The show adopts a new approach which aims to change the public’s perception of outdated stereotypes remaining from times of colonialism. Through contributions such as the monumental installation of French duo Pierre & Gilles, and Six Cages by  Indian artist Sudarshan Shetty, the show celebrates a dialogue between the two countries, questioning India’s politics, religion, and identity, no doubt including the caste system.

Philippe Ramette, The Installation (Inner Public Square) (2011)

Ravinder Reddy, Tara (2004). All pictures by Caroline Claisse for Art Observed.


Sudarshan Shetty, Six Cages (2010)

Sunil Gawde, Virtually Untouchable-III (2007)

Sakshi Gupta, Freedom is Everything (2007)

Riyas Komu, Beyond Gods (2011)

Nalini Malani, Remembering Mad Meg (2007-2011)

N.S. Harsha, Spot an Innocent Civilian (2009)

Krishnaraj Chonat, My Hands Smell of You (2010-2011)

Jitish Kallat, Ignitaurus (2008)

Jean-Michel Othoniel, Sound Sculpture (2011)

Hema Upadhyay, Think Left, Think Right, Think Low, Think Tight (2010)

Anita Dube

Alain Declercq, Borders Pakistan (2010)

Orlan (2011)


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