Go See – New York: Lisa Yuskavage at David Zwirner through November 5, 2011

October 20th, 2011

The Mound (2011), left. Triptych (2011), right.

Lisa Yuskavage is currently showing her third solo exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery. In a mix of early French Impressionism (a la Manet) and Dali-esque Surrealism, Yuskavage captures the languid, voluptuous figures of the female body through a feminist lens. The artist also takes on themes of landscape, time, and plot, in a way that extends her visual resonance.

Art Observed on site for the opening

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Chuck Close at the opening, next to Outskirts (2011).

Triptych, a standout of this new collection, explores these concepts in a series of three canvases in an otherworldly, counter-intuitive order of sorts. Babushka-wearing Russian peasants are paired with a female nude, legs spread apart, against the backdrop of a rustic, dreamlike mountainous terrain. The lazy, voyeuristic stance recalls Marcel Duchamp‘s Etant donnés. Exploring conflicting themes of liberation and restraint, illusion and reality, and transience and longevity, Yuskavage creates a world all her own full of twisted figures and artifices.

Lisa Yuskavage, The Mound (2011).

-T. Sheena

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