November 12th, 2011

‬Marina Abramović continues to develop her direction of the LA MoCA 2011 Gala, including controversial human centerpieces [AO Newslink]

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EAR WE GO.(Features)

Daily Post (Liverpool, England) October 30, 2010 WE cram an impressive array of tunes on to our mobile phones and MP3 players. So, when it comes to showing off our digital entertainment, is it enough to simply share an earbud? The time has come to invest in a set of portable speakers so we can share our files in stereo sound and do our ever-expanding libraries justice. We”ve found the top six portable speaker systems that you”ll be proud to take out and about to let those lyrics loose.

TWISTED SYSTEM PORTABLE SPEAKERS (pounds 24.95 at Twist around the tops of these diminutive speakers to adjust the sound delivery and they will pack a surprising punch for both their size and price tag.

The folk at Proporta even offer a money-back guarantee if they don”t deliver. Surely worth a whirl on your next holiday? VEHO 360 (pounds 6.99 at Small and ultra-portable, this pop-up speaker is a favourite with travellers and fills hotel rooms with a sound you’d expect from something much bigger. Stick in any 3.5mm jack and marvel at its ability to fill a small room with a big sound – and at a small price too. go to website bowers and wilkins

ORBITSOUND T3 (pounds 49.99 at This stylish-looking box is much more than just a pretty facade, delivering a superb stereo sound from its interior. The T3 has been grabbing the attention of music geeks for months now, and it is also applauded by players of PSP and Nintendo DS for delivering an awesome stereo sound to accompany their play. BOWERS AND WILKINS MM-1 (pounds 399.95 at Not a set for the wallet weary, this B&W duo really is meant to stand out from the crowd. here bowers and wilkins

A Bentley among portable bass delivery systems, it comes complete with a stylish remote control unit. This pair is destined for those who are looking for the ultimate desktop display. MYTUNE MP3 AMP (pounds 14.99 at Far from being a ceiling shaker, this mini amp delivers just about enough to justify its purchase.

Stick it on any surface and it looks the part – and although you”ll never be able to turn it up to 11, it will pump out digital tracks to your surrounding area and raise a wry smile of admiration from those around you.

MAGIC MUSIC MONKEY (pounds 20 at Anyone who has seen The Jungle Book will know these chaps are famed for their love of music. Just plug in your iPod or other devices and press play for an entertaining display.

The Magic Music Monkey plays your tunes through his headphone speakers and will show you his evolutionary development too.

Play classical music and he”ll sway gently, but a bit of rock sets him into a frenzy.

Magic Music Monkey, pounds 20 MyTune MP3 Amp Veho 360 Bowers and Wilkins MM-1