London: Jorinde Voigt at Lisson Gallery through April 28, 2012

April 26th, 2012

Jorinde Voigt, Installation view (2012). All images via Lisson Gallery.

Lisson Gallery is currently exhibiting the work of German artist Jorinde Voigt, awarded the 2012 Contemporary Drawing Prize of the Daniel & Florence Guerlain Art Foundation. Voigt’s drawings emerge from a sophisticated interweaving of disparate quantitative and qualitative imagery of the everyday life, resulting in a visually arresting analogical fanfare; a glimpse into an entire universe of synchronous possibilities, somewhat—ironically—abridged by the painstakingly minute notations that attest the artist’s experience of production, but so exponentially vast as to be almost completely devoid of fixed meaning.

Jorinde Voigt, KONNEX-Studie (I) (2012)

By portraying relations between highly scientific and puerile data as symbiotic, the works recall the impartial nature of the mind, where discrimination between thoughts and ideas appears to be a product of free will, but are determined by the individual experience of reality, and habits. For Voigt, the dislocation that seems to exist among the components portrayed in the drawings is merely linguistic, and the apparent modesty and restrictive practicality of the medium allows her to construct non-linear, idiomatic collages that dissect and re-interpret concrete formalism, approaching the resulting distilled data through the optic of several disciplines, including astronomy, mathematics, physics, biology, architecture, neurolinguistics, and theology. Visually—and likely theoretically as well—they are somewhat reminiscent of Warja Honegger-Lavater’s symbolic narratives made out of geometric shapes, Buckminister Fuller’s architectural utopias, Ernst Haeckel microbiological illustrations, the zen imbued compositions of John Cage, the awe-inducing artifacts of Attila Csorgo and the shoddy artifacts of Nina Canell, and the musical inflections of Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai.

Jorinde Voigt, Mosque/ Movie/ Powerstation (2012)

Jorinde Voigt, Words and Views I-II Fragmente einer Sprache der Liebe / Fragments of a Language of Love (2012)

Jorinde Voigt, Stochastic Storms – Triptych (2009)

Installation view

Jorinde Voigt, Territorium/ Kontinentalgrenze (Job Time Sheet) I/I (2012)

Jorinde Voigt, Königliche Gartenakademie Berlin View 131-160 Schafgarbe (2011–12)

Installation view

Jorinde Voigt, Horizont XVI / Horizon XVI (2010)

—M. Silva

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