AO On Site – New York: André Saraiva’s “Andrépolis” and Portrait of a Generation double show at The Hole from June 7 to August 10, 2012

June 8th, 2012

André Saraiva posing with work

Starting with the opening last night, for the next two months The Hole in New York will feature two shows in its gallery space, André Saraiva‘s “Andrépolis” and  “Portrait of a Generation”.

Portrait of Rita Ackermann

Photos for Art Observed by Charles Shoener, Zoe Zabor, and Lisa Marsova

“Andrépolis” is French artist and nightlife mogul André Saraiva’s first major exhibition.  The installation is comprised of a miniature metropolis of fifteen wooden buildings that are brightly painted and lighten up with both still and flashing bulbs.  Saraiva’s work hopes to recreate “a hallucinatory vision of New York” (The Hole).

Set up of the exhibit

“It evokes giant toys, a theme park, or perhaps miniature maquettes of nightclubs…Once again André is creating clubs, but this time they aren’t in a city, they’re in a gallery” (Olivier Zahm, Purple Magazine).

Annabelle Dexter-Jones and friend

While “Andrépolis” occupies Gallery 3, The Hole’s remaining space is set for its sister show “Portrait of a Generation”.  This exhibition features the portrait creations of over 100 artists of and for each other.

These artists included Aaron Rose, Alex Prager, Allison Schulnik, Andrew Kuo, Ari Marcopoulos, Aurel Schmidt, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Barry McGee, Bijoux Altimirano, Bill Powers, Brian Degraw, Justin Lowe, Kathy Grayson (owner of The Hole), KATSU, Kembra Pfahler, Kenny Scharf, Leo Fitzpatrick, Lizzi Bougatsos, Lola Schnabel, Matt Stone, Matthew Craven, JD Samson, Jeremy Krost, JIM JOE, Joe Bradley, Joe Grillo, Joey Frank, Jonah Freedman, Max Snow, N Dash, Olivier Zahm, Rachel Chandler, Raymond Pettibon, Renee Ricard, Ryan McGinley, Slater Bradley, Spencer Sweeney, Steve Powers, Taylor McKimens, Terence Koh, ThreeAsFour, Time Noble, Vanessa Prager, Wes Lang, Yoko Ono, to name a few.


The numerous paintings, drawings, and photographs will remain hung salon style on the gallery’s walls till the show’s end on August 10.  Andrépolis will simultaneously close the same day.

–L. Marsova

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