Getty Museum Announces Follow Up to Pacific Standard Time

February 27th, 2013

The J. Paul Getty Trust, via LA TimesFollowing the success of the massive 2011-2012 arts initiative Pacific Standard Time, the J. Paul Getty Trust has announced a follow-up festival, to run in 2017.  Titled Los Angeles and Latin America (or L.A./L.A. for short), the show will explore the Latin American ties to the Los Angeles art scene, and the cross-pollination of ideas and cultures as a product of these roots.  “The fact that nearly half of the population of Los Angeles has roots in Latin America is so profound that it warrants a major exhibition and research project with accompanying publications,” said Getty Trust head James Cuno. “These are complicated roots, over many generations, and relationships between the U.S. and those antecedent countries have changed considerably over time, so we want to be respectful of those complexities.”

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