Salon 94 Freemans—Tonight: Don’t Miss

January 10th, 2008

Gail and Dale by Katy Grannan courtesy of ArtCal

Lady into Fox, a new series by Katy Grannan will be opening tonight at Salon 94 Freeman located at 1 Freeman Alley in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The reception will be from 6-8 PM this evening, January 10th.

Salon 94

Gail and Dale features two middle-aged transsexuals and best friends whose experiences and perspectives are dominated by their escapism and delusion, their projection and interpretation of femininity, and the element of performance that betrays their need for visibility.

Katy Grannan was born in 1969 in Arlington, MA and currently lives in San Francisco. Her work is included in the collections of many major Museums throughout the country and is currently on exhibition at the Greenberg Van Doren Gallery located at 730 Fifth Avenue, at 57th Street.