BREAKING: Zurich Police find 2 Stolen Paintings

February 19th, 2008

Monet’s “Poppies Near Vetheuil”, via New York Times

Monet’s “Poppies Near Vetheuil” and Van Gogh’s “Blossoming Chestnut Branches” were found last night by Zurich police. Cezanne’s “Boy in Red Jacket” and Degas’ “Count Lepic and Daughters” still remain missing.

Monet and Van Gogh’s Recovered [Bloomberg]
Police Recover Paintings [City News]
Art found near psychiatric hopital [New York Times]

Strangely, the paintings were found outside a psychiatric clinic. In a press conference the lead police detective expressed his enthusiasm and amazement that the two paintings remain intact and in perfect condition. Edgar Degas’s “Count Lepic and His Daughters” and Paul Cezanne’s “Boy in the Red Vest,” are still being searched for by Zurich police.

“Blossoming Chestnut Branches”, via New York Times

The four combined paintings have an estimated value of $160 million. The two works recovered have a combined worth of $64 million, leaving $96 million unaccounted for. Police did not say if the recovery of the two paintings has provided any leads to the whereabouts of other two. They also did not say if there was any indication if new evidence connecting this recovery to the Picasso thefts that happened only one week earlier.