Hirst, Gagosian & Bono's V-Day (Red) Auction raises $42 million for AIDS

February 15th, 2008

Damien Hirst’s “Love You” up for auction via Bloomberg

Last night at Sotheby’s New York, Damien Hirst, the Gagosian Gallery and Bono organized a Contemporary Art Auction to benefit AIDS research. The $42 million total well exceded the projected total of $29 million.

Hirst Cabinets fetches $6.2 million for Bono AIDS sale [Bloomberg]
NYC Auction raises $42m for AIDS relief [AP]
Bono auction raises $42m for Aids [BBC]
Auction nest over $40mln for AIDS in Africa [Reuters]
Photos coverage of the people at Gagosian [Style.com]
Stars bid to benefit Africa [New York Post]

More details, a Damien Hirst Video Interview & images after the jump…

The auction featured a well-lauded lineup of 75 artists highlighted by Richard Prince, Jasper Johns, Damien Hirst, Ed Ruscha, Francesco Clemente, Jeff Koons, Banksy, Andreas Gursky, Antony Gromley, and Murakami. Notable works sold include Hirst’s “Where there’s a Will there’s a Way”, a medicine cabinet filled with anti-viral HIV drugs, sold for $6.2 million, Banksy’s “Keep it Spotless”, grafitti on an actual work of Hirst, set a record for the artist, selling for $1.6 million and Jeff Koon’s “Blue Rabbit Wall Relief”, silk screen on steel, sold for $2.035 million as well, topping its $1 million estimate. Over 99% of the works were sold benefiting the United Nations Foundation for HIV/AIDS programs in Africa.

Damien Hirst Interview on Charlie Rose, click through for video

Damien Hirst’s “Love You” via Bloomberg

Hirst and Bono in an ad for the Auction via Bloomberg

Banksy’s “Keep it Spotless” courtesy Getty Images via BBC

Jeff Koons’ “Ballon Rabbit Wall Reflief (Red)” via ArtNet

Ed Ruscha’s “Whiz” via ArtNet

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