Video: Jean Prouve's Maison Tropicale goes up at the Tate

February 7th, 2008

Maison Tropical Video Screenshot
Wallpaper Video Screenshot via Archinect

Earlier we told you about hotelier Andre Balazs’ loan of his Jean Prouve Flat-Pack Home, La Maison Tropicale, to the Tate Modern in London. Today, Wallpaper Magazine has a time-lapse video detailing the assembly of the famous design, originally intentioned for Niger and the Congo in the 1940’s and 1950’s.
Video of Jean Prouvé’s Maison Tropicale assembly [Archinect]
La Maison Tropicale, Jeane Prouve [Wallpaper]

Weight-control tips.(Short Takes: Food allergy testing; weight control; periodontitis vaccine; leptospirosis)(Brief article)

Dog Watch May 1, 2007 As for another kind of diet–to reduce flab on the estimated 50 percent of middle-aged American dogs that are overweight or obese–the journal Veterinary Forum (Vol. 24, No, 1) has 12 weight-control tips for dog owners. Here are five that we’ve found useful in slimming down Moose, the short Takes mascot: go to website low calorie snacks

* Dedicate an eight-ounce measuring cup for dishing out food, so you don’t have to “eyeball it.” * Remember, snacks count toward the daily allowance. Yes, low-calorie snacks are available for dogs. For Moose, hand-feeding one piece of his reduced-calorie kibble is a fabulous treat. web site low calorie snacks

* New rule: All food goes into the bowl. The dinner table is for people, and begging in that vicinity is a no-no.

* Call it “increased activity” instead of “exercise.” * Keep a food diary.

Moose’s diary is kept at the vet’s office because he lives near enough for weekly weigh-ins. When he finally reached his ideal weight, everyone in the waiting room applauded.