Go See: George Condo at Luhring Augustine, February 23- March 29

March 9th, 2008

“Jesus” by George Condo via Luhring Augustine via Bloomberg

In “Christ: The Subjective Nature of Objective Representation,” George Condo depicts God, Jesus and the two thieves, Dismas and Gestas, who were crucified next to Jesus, in four large-scale painting. Condo’s style, which quotes old masters, cubism, surrealism and cartoons, focuses here on religious iconography and its implications.

Christ: The Subjective Nature of Objective Representation [Luhring Augustine]
George Condo Biography [Luhring Augustine]

Religion and its social and political implications has been particularly controversial beginning of the war in Iraq and 9/11. Condo explores Christian religious painting, engaging in debate on the subject of “Objective Representation,” using the most represented subject in the history of art.

George Condo, “God” via Luhring Augustine