Go See: Richard Serra – Thinking on Your Feet

August 21st, 2008

Richard Serra via Art Inf

A documentary, Thinking on Your Feet, directed by Maria Anna Tappeiner on the contemporary sculpting giant Richard Serra is on screen at Film Forum in New York until September 2nd.  Screening of the movie created hype among the Serra enthusiasts well before its premiere yesterday, drawing attention from media. The documentary enables spectators to follow the production process of the artist’s major grand scale sculpture ‘The Matter of Time,’ which was commissioned by Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain for $20 million. In the film, a breathtaking scene where 40 ton solid steel plates are put together manually was included to highlight the on going dynamic tension between human labor, mathematics, and gravity that Serra persistently communicates through his sculptural works. It is the tale of a contemporary sculptural legend condensed into 94 minutes that Serra fans should not miss.

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Sequence, Richard Serra via NYT

The Matter of Time (2005), Richard Serra, Guggenheim via Art Info