Don’t Miss – London: David Hockney ‘Drawing in a Printing Machine’ at Annely Juda Fine Art, through July 11, 2009

July 9th, 2009

David Hockney, Maurice Payne, at Annely Juda.

Annely Juda Fine Art is showing 28 works by David Hockney.  “Drawing in a Printing Machine” is comprised of pieces made using Photoshop and Graphics Tablet.  The 28 pieces in the series, spread out through two floors of the gallery, betray Hockney’s meticulous attention to detail, and the artistry behind technology.  “There are advantages and disadvantages to anything new in mediums for artists,” says David Hockney, “but the speed allowed here with colour is something new.”

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From “Drawing in a Printing Machine,” the new David Hockney show at Annely Juda. Via Financial Times.

Each of the works in this new show were finished in under two days.  Shown for the first time in Europe, the pieces include landscapes of Hockney’s native Yorkshire, and portraits of his siblings, friends, and associates. Like the series, their titles are playful, such as “Less Trees near Warter.”   Hockney is flirting with technology, and taking advantage of its increased efficiency.  It is not unusual for Hockney to work through different modes of technology; as a photographer, he has used a Xerox machine, iPhones, a Polaroid camera and even fax machines.  Now that PhotoShop has advanced to where Hockney can use it to create highly detailed “paintings,” with the people and places in the artist’s life as his subjects.

David Hockney’s Less Trees near Warter, at Annely Juda.

David Hockney, Summer Road near Kilham, at Annely Juda.

David Hockney, The Atelier, at Annely Juda.

Often regarded as a father of pop art, David Hockney was born in Bradford in 1937.  He studied at the Royal Academy of Art and had his first solo exhibition in 1963, before showing in America for the first time in 1964.  Hockney has worked with Vogue and designed stages for the Royal Court Theatre, the Metroplitan Opera, Glyndebourne Festival Opera, and La Scala. Annely Juda Fine Art has represented him since 1996.

David Hockney, Paul Hockney 1, at Annely Juda.

David Hockney, Matelot Kevin Druez 2, at Annely Juda.

David Hockney, John Fitz-Herbert, at Annely Juda.

David Hockney, Margaret Hockney, at Annely Juda.

David Hockney, Rainy Night on Bridlingtom Promenade, at Annely Juda.

David Hockney, Autumn Leaves, at Annely Juda.

Below, see more views of the David Hockney exhibition at Annely Juda, courtesy of the gallery.

The artist with his iPhone and mini-easel via the The Daily Mail

– Rivka Fogel