August 12th, 2011

Shepard Fairey assaulted in Copenhagen while being called an”Obama illuminati”: “I have a black eye and a bruised rib” [AO Newslink]

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Post-Tribune (IN) September 22, 1993 THIS ELECTRONIC VERSION MAY DIFFER SLIGHTLY FROM THE PRINTED VERSION. COMMENTARY Jack Parry’s column runs Wednesday and Sunday; his outdoors page is Saturday. His phone number is 881-3122. site monkey tower defence 4

Will a long-awaited fall Lake Michigan perch bonanza take place this year after all? After a dismal September to date, a shining ray of hope was seen Monday as two Michigan City fishermen caught 52 perch in 20 to 24 feet of water off Michigan City.

“We fished hard from about 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to get our fish,” said Ernie Serhal, “but it was good knowing they were back in shallow water.” Serhal and partner Bruce Morse started west of ‘City’s harbor mouth in front of the NIPSCO cooling tower, fishing in 16 to 25 feet of water, but found perch elusive.

“There were no big schools and they were constantly moving – more than normal,” Serhal reported. “We’d catch five or six, sometimes doubles, then had to move. Drifting worked best for us.” The pair wound up in front of the new condos east of the harbor to round out their hard-earned catch, which about half were 9- and 10-inchers, the rest a little smaller. They used minnows.

According to Serhal, he heard of two anglers catching 75 perch Sunday in 40 feet of water in front of the Michigan City zoo’s monkey tower.

“I didn’t see the fish, but somebody at Sprague’s Marina said they saw them when the men put their boat on their trailer,” Serhal said.

Over the weekend Bill Carr, veteran charter captain and former commercial fisherman and his nephew, Bob Carr, caught about 25 perch off Black Ditch west of Michigan City.

“I just hope we get the kind of perch fishing we had last October,” Bill said. “That’s about as good as I can remember.” Last fall the water temperatures remained ideal for perch (64 to 66 degrees) through late October and into early November.

I remember this well because on Nov. 7, I was fishing with Michigan City’s Danny Messina and Rickey Pawlicke just east of the cooling tower. We caught 60 dandy perch – a lot of doubles – in 2 1/2 hours. Hunting-fishing day Saturday Saturday has been officially proclaimed Hunting and Fishing Day in Indiana by Gov. Evan Bayh. go to website monkey tower defence 4

Said Bayh: “People who hunt and fish have been the most energetic supporters of fish and game laws, enforcement and management practices, and they continue to have a positive impact on the state’s natural resources.

“Last year hunters and anglers contributed more than $13 million to the Hoosier economy while pursuing their sport.” The day corresponds with national recognition of hunters and fishermen who have been on the forefront of the conservation-ecology movement. Bayh said sportsmen and women have supported and financed programs which benefit hundreds of wildlife species from deer to wild turkeys to bald eagles and songbirds. Fishing for disabled “I read in your column about a lake where you can rent a pontoon boat,” said a Hammond reader. “My father is recuperating from a stroke and I know being able to feel the tug of a fish on the line would work wonders for him.” Therapists agree outdoors experiences can be very beneficial for the handicapped and wheelchair access is now dictated by law for public places such as fishing piers, etc.

The pontoon boats mentioned would be at 200-acre Lake Bruce near Rochester where Mike Guzaldo (653-2017) operates the Hoosier Hidwaway resort.

Rowboats are $10 a day. A boat and 6-horsepower motor are $25 a day and pontoon boats are $40 a day, both include gas.