Go See – Moscow: James Turrell at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture through August 21st, 2011

August 5th, 2011
James Turrell: A Retrospective James Turrell by Giménez, Trotman and Zajonc James Turrell: Geometry of Light
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James Turrell, Aloka’s Flower (2009), photo by Florian Holzherr, via Garage Center.

American artist James Turrell’s first exhibition in Russia is a retrospective at Moscow’s Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. The exhibition consists of works that span Turrell’s long career, from early pieces to a site-specific piece, ‘Purusa.’  The exhibition is curated by the former director of the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington, Richard Andrews.

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Photo of James Turrell, by Grant Delin, via Interview.

Turrell has been making artworks, including installations and light-sculptures, that involve light and perception for over forty years.  He began work on the Roden Crater, a volcanic crater in the Painted Desert of northern Arizona, in 1972, and continues to work on the celestial observatory.  The exhibition at Garage consists of more than 15 pieces, including the new ‘Perusa’ (2011), an immersive light landscape – without horizon – that engulfs the viewer.  This new work can disorient the viewer by confusing his or her perceptual apparatus, though Turrell’s aim is to have us ‘feel with your eyes’, producing a (hopefully) spiritual experience, in addition to an aesthetic one.

James Turrell, plaza at Roden Crater (ongoing), photo by Grant Delin, via Interview.

On exhibition, are also several models for ‘Autonomous Structures’.  These pieces are freestanding chambers with an opening to the sky.  These openings, and the view they encompass, are called Ganzfelds, or Skyspaces.  Turrell explains, ‘that ‘Autonomous Structures’ are containers for the light, and that ‘the art is in the experience of the viewer.’  These smaller models stem from Turrell’s continuing project- that of converting the Roden Crater into an enormous observatory.

James Turrell, Acro, red (1968), photo by Grant Delin, via Interview.

The exhibition also includes several other works, including two of the artist’s constructions; ‘Space Division Construction’ where space is divided between viewer and light, and ‘Shallow Space Construction’, where the viewer is forced to enter into some architectural space to experience the work.  There is also a piece from the ‘Wedgework’ series, as well as seven reflective and transmissive ‘Holograms’.

James Turrell, Twilight Arch (1991), via Garage Center.

Turrell’s work challenges the senses, and not only one’s vision; interacting with the installations and light sculptures requires a certain amount of openness to the possibility of something un-ordinary.  The pieces in this exhibition provide the viewer with just such an opportunity, and can be seen until August 21.

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‘My dad taught me how to paint – I do it a lot to chill out’ ; The 5-Minute Interview ++ Fearne Cotton ++ Television presenter

The Independent (London, England) February 21, 2007 | Elisa Bray Fearne Cotton, 25, will present Sky One’s red carpet coverage of the Oscars from 11pm on Sunday. The live ceremony will begin at 12.30am on Sky Movies If I weren’t talking to you right now I’d be…

I’ve just had my hair done. I’m struggling with my sat nav trying to get home.

A phrase I use far too often is…

“Where’s this, where’s that?” without looking first. I shout when it’s right in front of me.

I wish people would take more notice of…

The environment. Everyone is so used to leaving the TV on standby and the fridge door open. People should definitely make more of an effort to recycle and look after the planet. I’m hypocritical, driving in London, but you’ve got to do your bit. here how to paint

The most surprising thing that happened to me was…

Getting my first presenting job. I was 15 and thought I was auditioning for an acting job. I didn’t know what presenting was – it was just people larking about on TV, which is what I do.

A common misperception of me is…

That I only fancy boys in bands. My boyfriend now has nothing to do with the music industry. And only one boyfriend I had was in a band.

I’m not a politician but…

The bloody congestion charge! I think it’s an absolutely ridiculous amount of money to pay per day, especially for people who are doing something for society, like nurses. It hasn’t improved congestion at all. Also, I’m a vegetarian. The way that animals are handled before they’re slaughtered – I think there should be new laws for that. web site how to paint

I’m good at…

Talking rubbish. And painting. My dad taught me how to paint because he’s an artist. I’m in the middle of trying to put a portrait exhibition together. I’ve done a few seascapes. I do it a lot at home to chill out.

But I’m very bad at…

Cooking. My boyfriend thinks I’m trying to be bad so he has to do it. I don’t get the timing or the flavours right. I literally can cock up beans on toast.

The ideal night out is…

Sitting in a really nice little country-type pub, an old man’s quiet pub, larking about with my mates putting beer mats on our elbows. It’s like the beer-mat Olympics.

The best age to be is…

Being a kid was quite good. You’re carefree and haven’t got responsibilities. You can live totally for the moment.

You know me as a presenter, but in a truer life…

I’d be an artist or work with animals. It’s difficult to completely eradicate animal death altogether. I wear some leather. It’s more the live animal transportation that I’m not keen on. I’m passionate about animals. It’s one of my main motivations in being vegetarian.

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Go and buy something I don’t need that will make me momentarily happy.

In a nutshell, my philosophy is this:

Dream unrealistically. Have an adventure.

Elisa Bray

James Turrell: A Retrospective James Turrell by Giménez, Trotman and Zajonc James Turrell: Geometry of Light
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