January 31st, 2012

‬Christie’s International sales rise 9% in 2011 as market-weary investors turn to classic contemporary art, with biggest sellers Lichtenstein, Warhol, Rothko [AO Newslink]

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Uberi.com Helps Consumers Get Deals.

Entertainment Close-up July 6, 2010 Uberi.com, an Internet deal and coupon site, said It helps consumers get deals.

Uberi.com covers products such as electronics, video games, DVDs, apparel, footwear, household items, printable coupons, and freebies. see here amazon coupon code free shipping

“Consumers are becoming savvier in making their purchases,” said Shane Hu, founder of Uberi.com. “To further push the purchasing power of each dollar, we show our readers exactly what to do at Uberi.com. Our readers can find incredible deals from a new grill to a fantastic bargain on a high-end laptop. We feature products from reputable retailers to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience. In addition, this is not just about saving money. It’s the bragging rights too!” Uberi.com also features an Amazon Free Shipping Filler where readers can enter the amount needed to qualify for free shipping. Other features include a Coupon Code search and Amazon Discount Table. in our site amazon coupon code free shipping

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