March 23rd, 2012

‬Former MoMA painting and sculpture chief curator John Elderfield to join Gagosian Gallery in April as “a consultant to organize selected special exhibitions and projects with artists.” [AO Newslink]

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E Cigarette Reviews At Help Educate Shoppers Regarding Brand Options.

Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week October 29, 2011 The smoking public has been bombarded with facts and figures that highlight the negative effects of smoking. It is no wonder that the recent emergence of the e-cigarette is considered as the first good news in the smoking marketplace since the vending machine (see also Smoking). go to website e cigarette reviews

Primarily an electrical device, an electronic cigarette simulates tobacco smoking by producing nicotine-like smoke and flavor. Because e-cigarettes were created to omit the unwanted health risks of smoking, smokers no longer need to subject their bodies to over 2,000 chemicals to get the satisfying enjoyment of a cigarette. However, popping up everywhere are various brands of e-cigarettes and it can be a bit overwhelming for the discerning buyer to decide which brand to buy. strives to offer thorough reviews and information about electronic cigarettes. Featuring various e cigarette reviews, the website is aimed at helping people learn about their options when it comes to e cigarettes, and find the right merchants to do business with. here e cigarette reviews notes that when it comes to e-cigarettes, price is much of an issue as quality. As such, the review website helps people decide whether or not to going for good quality makes more sense.

In an effort to help individuals weigh the pros and cons of popular e-cigarette brands, particularly features the Bull Smoke Ecigarette review, which touts emission of vapor that evaporates in the air – a response to social situations that ban smoke as there is no flame.

In its Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes review, emphasizes that the product not only looks like a standard cigarette, but is also much lighter than most others thereby giving it a more natural cigarette feel. According to the website, Green Smoke is arguably the most widely used electronic cigarette mainly because of the amount of smoke it produces.

The V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette review, on the other hand, tackles the popularity of V2 Cigs, which is attributed to the affordability of its packages. Users also attest that the traditional flavors offered by the brand are perhaps the best in the industry when it comes to real tobacco. also features The Safe Cig Micro review, and talks about the product being smaller than most other electric cigarettes and giving more realistic sensation of actually smoking a real one.

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