Los Angeles: Os Gemeos ‘Miss You’ at Prism through March 24, 2012

March 18th, 2012

Street View of Miss You at Prism, West Hollywood. All images via Os Gemeos.

Miss You, an immersive environment by well-known Brazilian artists Os Gemeos is currently on view at Prism in West Hollywood. Growing up in the megalopolis of São Paulo, the twins Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo were influenced by the vibrant street culture of the city, including its expansive graffiti and mural projects. They continually bring this energy into the gallery, transporting the dynamism of the tropical urban center into the space through their use of saturated hues, bold magical-realist style, and the totality of their vision.

Os Gemeos, Graciosa Rodela de Alho e Inocencio Coitadinho (2012)

For Miss You Prism has been painted red with orange- and yellow-ringed psychedelic bubbles placed strategically throughout—some on the floor even have lit heads growing up out of them, echoing the environments in paintings like imperio Eukaryota.

Installation view

Os Gemeos, imperio Eukaryota (2012)

In addition to the animated ground which connects the objects and paintings into a total field, a grouping of ski masks (pointing to the anonymity of the street artist) hang suspended from the ceiling as color filters for a light arrangement, an interactive wall reacts to touch with explosions of color, and a mural stretches the length of Prism’s staircase.

Installation view

Installation view

Os Gemeos, Wall painting in Miss You

The wall painting figure stands precariously balanced upon a branch high in the clouds, inviting the viewer into the suspended hallucinatory spaces that populate their works on panel, such as in prism and do outro lado da lua.

Os Gemeos, do outro lado da lua (left) and prism (right) (2012)

—M. Hoetger

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