New York: Rita Ackermann ‘Fire By Days’ at The Journal Gallery through June 3, 2012

May 16th, 2012

Rita Ackermann, Fire By Days (2010–2012), installation view. All images via The Journal Gallery.

Since December of 2010, Hungarian painter Rita Ackermann has focused her work on a single subject, a solitary face in profile, explored through various permutations of red and blue. Now, five new works from her Fire By Days series can be seen on view at The Journal Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Continually retreading the same territory, the Fire By Days series has received some harsh criticism, winked at by the artist and gallery by reprinting a harsh critique of some of her works from the website Hyperallergic in the show’s Press Release. Using only two primary colors, Ackermann stretches the limitations she imposes on her own work, exploring variations of texture, background, negative space, and shading to illustrate a consistently re-evaluative process at work in the creation of these paintings.

Rita Ackermann, Fire By Days

Rita Ackermann, Fire By Days

In this selection of paintings, Ackermann’s approach arranges several takes on the image in mirror juxtapositions, a sort of hand-made Rorschach pattern that extends her range of expression to exhibition and display, creating external dialogues on the work, and adding new variants on form to the series.

Rita Ackermann, Fire By Days

—D. Creahan

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