AO On Site – Basel: Art Parcours night at Art 43 Basel, June 13, 2012

June 15th, 2012

Pedro Reyes’ puppet performance “Baby Marx” (2008-present); All photos by Caroline Claisse for Art Observed

Art Parcours Night was the official debut to the four-day expansive Art Basel festival.  Held at neighboring sites around the city, this year the annual event featured a performance and installations by Kathryn Andrews, ‘Voix de Ville’ (2012).  Andrews staged several Vaudeville-era acts along the Rhine River, using the talents of acrobats, magicians, and musicians.  The performances took place against her installations, which served as backdrops on an unconstrained stage space.  The show ran adjacent to other performances and on-site exhibitions of work that will remain on display till this Sunday, June 17.

Claude Lévêque‘s “Ring of Fire” (2011) installation

Simon Dybbroe Moeller’s “Animate-V” (2012)

Rear view of “Animate-V”

Rodney Graham‘s “Small Modernist Paintings” (2005)

Pedro Reyes‘ “Baby Marx” (2008-present)

Another scene from Pedro Reyes’ puppetry performance

Los Carpinteros‘ “150 people” (2012)

Center view of the Los Carpinteros installation

Detail of Los Carpinteros’ work

This is the third installment of the Art Parcours division, aiming once again to engage “with Basel and with its history by weaving elements of the sector into the fabric of the city” (Art Basel).

Single-shot film by Henrik Hakansson, titled “Monarch The Eternal” (2008)

Henrik Hakansson’s screening continued

Buenos Aires artist Eduardo Basualdo’s L’innombrable (2012)

Outside view of Eduardo Basualdo’s installation

Dieter Roth‘s “The Studio of Dieter and Bjorn Roth” (1995-2008)

Dieter Roths’s studio-turned-art installation continued


Another view of Aleksandra Mir’s automobile installation

Abraham Cruzvillegas’ film “Autoconstruccion” (2009) depicting the Mexico City borough where he grew up

Claude Lévêque’s work in its entirety

Mateo Tannatt recreates Allan Kaprow‘s ‘Happening’ (1963), titled “Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hoffman”

Jens Hoffman, director of CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts in San Francisco is the 2012 curator for Art Parcours.  An interview with him revealing a closer look at this year’s Art Parcours sector can be found here.

–L. Marsova

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