New York Times profiles artist Domingo Zapata, personality and willing case study regarding the justification, if any, of celebrity and nightlife contextualization in one’s artistic endeavors

April 26th, 2013

The New York Times has published an in-depth look at painter Domingo Zapata and in doing so explores the ideas of celebrity culture and its influence, positively and negatively, on an artist’s career.  Self-described as a “celebrity artist du jour,” Zapata counts celebrities and professional athletes like Lindsey Lohan and Jeremy Shockey as clients and friends, yet has remained conspicuously absent from the galleries and collections of New York’s elite dealers and art buyers.  The artist, who is a mainstay of the New York nightclub scene, has origins in Spain, moving to New York in 1999.  Zapata was able to commit himself full-time to painting after a windfall investment allowed him to leave his day job on Wall Street.  “[Painting's] the only thing I ever wanted to do,” Mr. Zapata said. “You only have one life, so you better be what you want to be.”

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