Anthony Haden-Guest Speaks on Death of Jean-Michel Basquiat

July 7th, 2016

Writer Anthony Haden-Guest has a short piece on Artnet this week, responding to rumors that his interview with artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was in part responsible for the artist’s drug overdose.  “I had a first interview with him in his studio on Great Jones. He was open to difficult subjects, such as his family, and told me that he was “controlling” his heroin use. I set off to do the other stuff one does before getting back to him for a second interview. But then the collector Ethel Scull telephoned. ‘Anthony,’ she said. ‘You are putting Jean-Michel under a lot of pressure…’  No problem, I said. I would take care of it. I called Basquiat and told him I would put the story off until he was up for it.”Read more at Artnet