Art Newspaper Charts Functions and Operations for Art Storage Warehouses Worldwide

June 20th, 2017

The Art Newspaper has a piece this week on the network of art storage warehouses and complexes in the U.S. and abroad, charting the map of companies working in the $1 billion industry.  “Until about ten years ago,” says Stephane Custot of London’s Waddington Custot gallery, “Modern and contemporary art collectors were mainly made up of art enthusiasts and amateurs, they had a real passion, spending their money on what they liked; they collected in order to simply enjoy the work in their home environment. Today you have to work with an increasing number of art funds or speculators buying art for investment. Art buying has become accessible to a much larger audience than before and is considered an asset. The result of this is that more work sleeps in warehouses rather than hanging in collectors’ homes.”

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