A Neck Face Halloween

November 1st, 2007

Last night’s Neck Face opening at Dactyl Foundation began at 7pm, and those who were fashionably late may have had a difficult time getting a good look at the work. Most of the attendees were decked out in costumes and/or makeup, looking as if they had stepped out of the paintings. I took as many pictures as possible before the crowds swarmed, dodging skateboards and the growing beer line.  

The front room featured a collection of paintings, most of them already sold before the opening, stunningly displayed on black walls.   Further in the back of the space revealed sculpture – life-sized figures bloodily hanging from a beam, even with a baby still attached to the mother via umbilical cord.  A group of silver masks hung together, and a film projection was slightly interrupted on the side by a pair of blood hands protruding from the wall.  A bat-like creature hung from the ceiling, flapping its arms and eyes blinking red and making mechanical growling noises.