Cindy Sherman Documentary at Tribeca Film Festival opens April 23

April 21st, 2008

Cindy Sherman via sunwalked

Sherman’s well known self-portraits address, among other themes, gendered roles and their relation to the ways in which society views them. The artist’s mercurial persona in her work and her often noted reclusive manner keep her enigmantic. A new documentary however, Guest of Cindy Sherman portrays the ever-elusive artist in a more intimate light.

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Cindy Sherman via Tribeca film

The 2008 Tribeca Film Festival runs April 23 through May 4. The Main Box Office is located at 15 Laight Street New York, NY. Cindy Sherman’s relationship with Paul Hasegawa-Overacker is the main focus of the feature length film that will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. Paul H-O made a name for himself with his public access television show called GalleryBeat in the 90’s. The film documents the course of a relationship between the two and the effects of celebrity in the art world.

Cindy Sherman and Paul H-O via Tribeca Film Festival