Go see: Nicola Vassel at Deitch Project, March 29 – April 26

April 4th, 2008

Rosson Crow, Live in the Black Pussy, 2008 via Deitch Projects

From March 29 until April 26, Deitch Projects features a group painting exhibition curated by Nicola Vassell. Works include paintings from Elizabeth Neel, Kristin Baker, Rosson Crow and Dan Colen.

Substraction at Deitch [Deitch Projects]

This exhibition highliths abstract painters and street culture. The title Substraction means to invoke “the reductive and sub or “low” influences these artists draw on: the tougher, darker and dangerous. Think subway, subwoofers and sub prime”.

Kristin Baker, Sturm und Drang, 2008 via Deitch Projects

Kristin Baker addresses the connection between painting and automobile racing, particularly the contrast between accident versus control that characterizes both pursuits.

Aaron Young, Burnout (Menace), 2008 via Deitch Projects

Elizabeth Neel, The Losers, 2007 via Deitch Projects