Newslinks: Thursday June, 19 2008

June 19th, 2008

Dakis Joannou’s Jeff Koons-designed yacht ‘Guilty’ via Artforum

Art luminaries gather on collector Dakis Joannou’s Jeff Koons-designed yacht in Greece [artforum]
Study: number of US artists tripled since 70’s to 2 million with $34,800 average income [artinfo]
A profile of contemporary German collector Falckenberg and his 2,000 works [Bloomberg]
Early Hirst painting disgarded to thrift shop by mistake [The Independent]
The NYTimes reviews Lichtenstein at Gagosian uptown NY [NYTimes]
New Museum announces 1st US Elizabeth Peyton survey show [New Museum]
Market uncertainty, Christie’s competition cited in 12% quarterly profit drop for Sotheby’s [the Art Newspaper]